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Big Data Solution for Tauron

Leveraging technologies such as Machine Learning, the system is able to automatically design limitation plans, taking into account the history of energy consumption for individual customers over time.

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Tauron Group (Tauron Polska Energia S.A.) is an energy holding company in Poland. It is headquartered in Katowice. The company owns power and heat generation and distribution, and coal mining assets through a number of companies, particularly in south-western Poland.

Industry Energy
Technology Microsoft SSRS 2016, Microsoft PowerBI, Microsoft Azure SQL database

Key Achievements

  • Rapid identification of power limitation exceedances for individual customers
  • Easy visualisation of limitation plans
  • Intuitive and dynamic data analysis and reporting

The challenge

Business Need

The Polish Government introduced legal regulations (so-called power supply limitations) to govern electricity consumption and ensure continuity of energy supply. High volume users of electricity are obliged to reduce consumption according to limitation plans, while electricity distributors are required to register any incident where power limitations are exceeded.
Though the process is easy to describe, it’s actually fairly complicated in practice and produces a vast amount of data (Big Data).

At the invitation of Tauron Dystrybucja S.A., the country’s largest electricity distributor (45,000 GWh, 57940 km2 of covered area, 11 branches, 5.3 million customers), Microsoft Poland took on the challenge, and invited Objectivity – a partner experienced in analysis and processing of large data sets (Big Data) and building tailored solutions based on cloud-based services – to co-operate on a solution.

The solution

Project Details

Leveraging technologies such as Machine Learning, applied to existing historical data, the system would be able to automatically design limitation plans, taking into account the history of energy consumption for individual customers over time. This represents an important innovation, as it would enable each customer’s limitation plan to be based on their capability to reduce power consumption. We’ve also identified potential to make delivery of limitation plans and reports on power limitation exceedances to customers less labour intensive.

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Due to our cooperation with Objectivity, we could present Tauron Dystrybucja S.A. opportunities and business benefits resulting from the use of new technologies such as IoT or Big Data, as well as new data visualization techniques such as PowerBI. Fast, professional and a matter-of-fact analysis allowed us to identify areas, in which the applied technology would have the greatest impact on improving the business processes. An undeniable strength of Objectivity is a team of experienced developers and architects, who know how to convert business requirements into a real product, developing a technical solution based on many years of experience in many industries.

Jarosław Zarychta

Business Development Executive at Microsoft Poland

The results

Business Benefits

Hosting the system in the cloud, and making it available to customers via the web, would offer each customer the ability to view and track their own energy consumption. This would be particularly valuable during periods where energy consumption is more tightly constrained by the Polish Government. In addition, the system would not only automatically create power limitation plans, but also deliver them to the customer, together with the relevant guidelines. Implementing an IoT (Internet of Things) solution, means that we can monitor power limitation exceedances on an ongoing basis and react when they occur. We are certain that new technologies used in this way would greatly assist electricity distributors in their mission to ensure energy security.

Key achievements

  1. Rapid identification of power limitation exceedances for individual customers.
  2. Easy visualisation of limitation plans.
  3. Intuitive, dynamic data analysis and reporting.
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