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Achieving operational efficiency through digitalisation

Objectivity built an interactive ticket, budget and maintenance reporting tool that allowed our Client to increase their performance and efficiency.

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Real estate service provider

The Client is one of the biggest European real estate service providers with over € 2 billion revenue in sales. With 20k employees they manage and run real estate in all asset classes in over 30 countries. Their offer ranges from facility management, through installation and fit out services to real estate management.

The challenge

Business Need

The Client is an expert in real estate services who manages facilities for various customers, including the World Health Organisation (WHO).

To ensure the best possible service, the Client reviewed the system used to manage WHO’s facilities. They decided to improve the level of operational transparency and gain full understanding of the cost and effort of running the facilities.

In the existing solution, the fragmented front-end software required users to log into multiple sub-systems and suffered from poor performance and usability. Additionally, the Client needed to spend several days each month to prepare reports to be discussed at monthly management meetings with the WHO.

The Client noticed the potential for enhancing their services through an innovative solution and appointed Objectivity to assist them with the realisation of this goal.

The solution

Project Details

Together with the Client’s IT department and operations unit, Objectivity analysed the existing information architecture, processes and the way users interact with data. As the result of this analysis, the team created a comprehensive AS-IS overview. To meet the tight delivery timeframe required by the Client, Objectivity decided to use the existing BI technology for reporting as well as document management to support operational activities.

The Objectivity team also analysed an existing ERP solution to minimise the need for manual transfer of data between the systems. This approach had two major benefits:

It allowed the new solution to offer comprehensive functionality and to be delivered quickly.

It enabled the team to test the hypothesis that further bespoke development would bring more value.

Next, together with the Client, Objectivity ran a demonstration for their customer, during which the team demonstrated that the new solution fulfilled the needs of all stakeholders.

The delivered solution was based on a modern version of SharePoint for document storage, integrated with an internal ERP system coupled with Power BI for data presentation and analysis.

After the solution was deployed to production, Objectivity continued to deliver new features to bring additional business value. Objectivity also expanded the solution by developing a customer portal that allowed the Client to cater to the needs of multiple customers of theirs.

Key technologies:

  • SharePoint
  • PowerBI
  • Azure Data Factory
  • MS SQL Server Integration Services
  • MS SQL Server

The result

Business Benefits

The Client was able to greatly increase the transparency of their operations and easily provide accurate real-time information to the WHO, which now has a good understanding of the status of its facilities.

Employees can easily filter up-to-date and historical data using multiple parameters (e.g., a specific ticket, offer, date, status, category, cost, budget spent vs estimated). They can also make use of the improved analysis capability and immediate access to all files related to a given task. Staff can also review maintenance reports prepared for assets by technicians.

Manual reports are no longer required, so the Client’s team can focus on data analysis, data mining and business advice rather than the creation of those reports.

Data consistency and quality has improved significantly. This increased awareness is beneficial for the Client’s operations, as they can now easily spot outliers and act on them in a timely manner, improving the quality of the service they provide.

Key achievements:

  • Quickly delivering an improved tool within the agreed budget and time.
  • Utilising the existing software landscape.
  • Users adopted the new solution willingly.
  • Improved operational efficiency by providing a real-time reporting tool and a comprehensive overview of ticketing, maintenance and budget situation.
  • Leveraging data produced by the existing operational processes without impacting them.
  • Transparency for the Client and their respective customers.


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