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Building Business Value With Low-Code

Get access to our free webinar to learn how SUEZ transformed their business thanks to applying low-code.

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Get access to the free webinar.

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On-Demand Webinar


Low-code unlocks multiple new possibilities in software development. Every company that exists in the digital world can utilise this technology to achieve great outcomes. Watch the webinar discussion hosted by Objectivity and SUEZ Polska to learn the most important things you need to know before adopting low-code.

Watch the recording to learn:

  • How low-code and Mendix can help your organisation become more agile and competitive.
  • Why developing Centres of Excellence is crucial to promoting innovation in your company.
  • How to find the best use of low-code within your organisation to fully leverage this technology.
  • What was SUEZ Polska’s journey with incorporating low-code and how it allowed them to improve customer experience and build a competitive advantage.
  • In which cases a non-IT organisation can use low-code to build their own solution and when an experienced technology partner may be needed.

Use Low-Code to Build a Competitive Advantage

Over the last few years, digital transformation has become a necessity for every organisation that wants to establish or keep a strong position in the market. Listen to SUEZ Polska’s IT Manager

Mateusz Molenda and Objectivity’s Low-Code Lead Technologist Michał Jankowski talk about the business value of low-code solutions to learn SUEZ’s success story and find insights that can help you during your organisation’s journey. Discover the best practices related to adopting low-code, so you can introduce them in your company.

Watch the webinar discussion to find out how you can bring the speed and agility of low-code technology to your organisation.


Mateusz Molenda picture

Mateusz Molenda

IT Manager

SUEZ Polska

Mateusz contributes to creating and promoting a good working culture in an international organisation, based on the values of teamwork, respect, environmental consciousness and prioritising the clients’ needs. He inspires IT and business to seek better solutions with the use of new digital technologies. He’s been working for SUEZ Polska for 9 years now, and since 2017, he focuses on providing and developing multiple digital products for the company’s customers and employees. This cooperation results in an IT department that’s in line with business, especially in terms of maintenance and development of software and infrastructure. He enjoys sharing his experience and gaining more IT-related knowledge by staying involved with the worldwide SUEZ community.


Michał Jankowski picture

Michał Jankowski

Low Code Technical Practice Leader


Low Code Practice Leader, Microsoft MVP in AI and Azure, an architect, designer, team leader and trainer. He began programming in the early ’90s from Basic and Assembler for 8-bit computers. During most of his career, he was delivering .NET platform targeted application for the world’s largest companies. Currently, he is specialising in developing web applications in the classic and low-code approaches and helping in areas related to Microsoft Azure.

A great enthusiast of software craftsmanship, unit testing, software design and other topics related to software development. In his free time, when he is not coding, he likes travelling and photography.

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