Bronze Emerging Europe award

We are proud to announce that one of our CSR projects received a bronze award in Equality Friendly category by Emerging Europe, a London based think-tank dedicated to CEE region development.

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Written by Objectivity

The project

Akademia BIZnES Class (Business Class Academy) was a unique project involving international entrepreneurs, Polish government, regional university and local NGOs. Together with two business partners (PwC and UBS), the Academy of Fine Arts of Wrocław and the Lower Silesian Social Policy Department we were teaching eight community start-ups business competencies in order to boost their market capabilities. The start-ups are founded and run by people from disadvantaged environments and they reinvest more than 80% of their income in the local communities, creating new workplaces for e.g. the mentally disabled, the ex-convicted and people who experienced psychic crisis.

The project

What did we do?

For a few months, more than 20 corporate volunteers and mentors were teaching the community start-ups about change management, design thinking, best practices of acquiring clients and other skills that help a business to stay competitive on the market. At the end of the project, the three business partners donated three start-ups which made the biggest progress during the collaboration. Design mentors from the Academy of Fine Arts redesigned the startuppers’ brands proposing more modern, more appealing and eye-catching visual identification.

What did we do?
Emerging Europe

The award

The Emerging Europe awards recognise success stories, leading projects and best practice, encouraging thought leadership and excellence across 23 countries. The awards are focused on three main areas: raising awareness, social progress and economic development. Equality-Friendly Initiative of the Year category is open to initiatives whose goal is to promote social inclusion and equal treatment of individuals or groups regardless of gender, ethnicity, religious belief or sexual orientation.