Brainwork – Research and ideation workshops for social good

Can design thinking solve issues of NGOs? We hosted Brainwork – research and ideation workshops for social good to support local organisations in their everyday work by creating solutions using design thinking techniques.

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Written by Objectivity

What is it about?

We invited two local NGOs, with which we have been working for a longer time, to participate in the workshop. An ecological association Natura i Człowiek (Nature and Human) which focuses on pollinators and Przystanek Rodzina, which provides social assistance to children who are in foster care and to their families. 24 attendees who work within the fields of marketing, UX and business analysis used design thinking techniques to propose solutions for the development of the NGOs.

The main goal of Brainwork was to deliver ready-to-go solutions, which can be implemented right after the workshop. We wanted to bring a real value, therefore we created three rules to follow during the workshop:

  1. You are free to create any solution you want in consultation with the NGO’s representative.
  2. We’re not designing software solutions.
  3. A created solution must be easy to implement by NGO without your further support.
What is it about?
The Event

How it looked?

Attendees were assigned to 6 groups, so each NGO worked with 3 teams. The workshop was divided into two stages: research and ideation. We started on Friday evening with the research. Each group met and interviewed their partner from one of the NGOs. This step was crucial, as there was no specific topic of the workshop. Attendees had to understand the situation of the organisation, the issues it faces every day in order to propose a solution tailored to the NGO’s needs. The next day the creative process started.

During just one weekend the attendees created a wide range of solutions for NGOs. Teams working with the association Natura i Człowiek performed a target group analysis and an analysis of future challenges. They created a sales presentation and a plan for developing a network of people supporting the association. Aneta Sikora from Natura i Człowiek says:

The workshop with Objectivity was a great chance for us to gain new, exciting experiences. We had a chance to meet people who work in different fields and it gave us a new perspective on the development of our organisation. Now, we have a new know-how and we are inspired to act in the areas which were previously out of our reach, or at least we thought so. Thank you for giving us the opportunity for a continuous development.

Groups working with Przystanek Rodzina created a plan for an educational game, performed an analysis of the organisational structure and shared their know-how regarding the improvement of the processes inside the NGO.

Before the workshop we were very excited and curious how working with experts will look like. We were delighted by the warm welcome, a great desire to solve organisational problems and the engagement of the attendees who really listened to us and started creating solutions right away. We had a feeling that our issues are the most important thing for them at that moment. We had known that there was a room for improvement and the attendees helped us sort many things out. We have already started: we got a lot of new contacts and met people who are willing to help. We have already signed one volunteering agreement and we moved forward with our new website. We are working on a new strategy for additional social media accounts. We are also planning some activities together with Natura I Człowiek. It was a great weekend! Thank you for TONS of inspirations!, said Monika Krzysztanowicz from Przystanek Rodzina.

Good job

Thank you!

We would like to thank all the attendees for the amazing work they did, Natura i Człowiek and Przystanek Rodzina for their involvement in the workshop and our UX team, who organised the event from A to Z.