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True agility as a modern technology partner


Feb 21, 2018 - 3 minute read

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Working in the technology industry for more years than I care to remember, I can never recall a moment when the pace and demand for change has been so strong. The levels of investment in technology around the world have never been greater and every business is racing to be as innovative as possible and exploit the latest technology before it becomes obsolete.

It is not so long ago that the biggest technology companies in the world were battling over who would control your desktop, who could provide the most reliable and fastest hardware and who could fit the most amount of functionality into the smallest mobile device.  Each step-change in technology was seen as a must have to move forward in the modern world, and support the business of the future.

Each of these improvements enabled others to take the latest incarnation of technology and for a short period of time utilise their expertise to provide a quality service.

As a business owner, one recruited people with the appropriate skills necessary and inducted them into your business and then harnessed those skills with customers to deliver value and create differentiation. People joined a company for a career, expecting their skills to be utilised, alongside gradual development in future competencies.

The implementation of technology was often a differentiator and the application of the technology supported that differentiation within the clients.

As the world shrinks and the ability to implement technology becomes ever simpler, the cycle of technology change is shortening. What was ground-breaking and differentiating yesterday is no longer today. The need for real expertise in any one technology is being replaced with the need to be adaptable, flexible and agile.

Someone who knows all about a particular technology is useful for a small window of time or when a problem demands significant understanding, but most of the time the ability to take something that has been newly created, visualise a new way of exploiting its benefits in a particular domain, and adapt it for a particular usage outweigh any expertise in a particular technology.

Then being able to move on to the next “flavour of the month” and still deliver all of the benefits and quality necessary is essential.

The attractiveness of very skilled, adaptable, technology agnostic and flexible resources with the ability to apply technology in a fast, agile and ground-breaking manner is huge, and something that every business should be looking for a partner to help with.  It is a bit like having a brain-box uncle that seems to know everything that you can call upon when you have a good idea and need some help to get it off the ground.

Providing this capability in your own business is often very hard as you cannot predict what is coming next and keeping up with consumer demands alone is very challenging.

Therefore, selecting a partner becomes less about the pure technology skills that they have now and more about the ability to adapt and work in a way that is mutually rewarding and continually challenging.

A partner - who can deliver the appropriate challenge to requirements and innovation within solutions.

A partner - who can find a way of creating a win for the customer and the partner such that the working relationship drives long-term benefits and early tangible positive outcomes.

A partner - that you can say, “it is not just what they do for us, but the way they do it.”

A partner - that you can see has integrity even when a project goes through challenging times and requires difficult conversations.

Objectivity is such a partner to many businesses, small and large.

A hidden gem in a sea of industry commodity and mediocrity. Standing tall in the way we engage with our clients, our values are focused around the core principles that require a partner to be special and deliver excellence.

The need for Objectivity to continue to evolve is never ending, but our ability to do so is assured by the quality of our people and the strength of our values.

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