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The 6 Key Benefits of Managed IT Services


Jul 15, 2021 - 4 minute read

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Rafał Imielski Content Marketing Specialist

He has two years’ experience in copywriting, translation and proofreading. His goal is to help people communicate in a concise and understandable way. Rafał is an archaeology graduate who’s fascinated by both prehistoric and modern technologies. 

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Every company that uses IT solutions in the core of its operations would agree that ensuring constant support, performance monitoring, continual service improvement and stability is crucial to success. At the same time, building a robust IT support department can be an overwhelming task.

You can often come across the opinion that third-party managed IT services are a great solution for small and medium-sized businesses. They often lack resources to build a sufficient support team in-house, and picking a good external partner is the optimal option for them. While it’s all true, large organisations can also immensely benefit from managed IT services. Just because you’re capable of building an extensive support department, it doesn’t mean it’s the most advantageous decision.

Reaching out to a Managed Service Provider (MSP) can be an easier and more convenient option. It saves you the effort associated with structuring and maintaining the perfect support department and implementing it in your organisation. It takes away the responsibility of attracting and retaining the top talent in this field. Let’s take a closer look at some of the most substantial managed IT benefits.

Predictable Expenses

Managed IT services are a great way to stabilise your spending on operational support. The maintenance costs, as well as the possible need of replacing hardware or managing cloud infrastructure, are already included in the subscription and taken care of by the provider. This way, you won’t be surprised by a sudden spike in costs caused by equipment failure or other unexpected circumstances.

You know in advance what it’s going to cost, and you can consider all your options before deciding on an offer. In addition to ensuring the continuity of your services, this makes it easier to plan a yearly budget.


The subscription-based model makes managed IT services very flexible. The costs are spread over time, and most providers let you easily scale the extent of your cooperation as needed. This can also mean adding new services and increasing the extent of the received support.

Making a few changes to the agreement with your MSP to make sure it matches your organisation’s growing needs is relatively easy and can come into effect almost immediately. The process of scaling up your internal IT department, on the other hand, can be time-consuming and difficult.

Innovation Focus

By freeing up your in-house IT experts from most of their support-related tasks, you can enable them to focus on optimising and innovating existing processes. Their knowledge of your organisation can be an extremely valuable asset and how it’s going to be leveraged is entirely up to you.

It’s been observed that partnering with an MSP and unlocking internal IT resources leads to more agile business decisions related to technology. According to NTT’s 2021 Global Managed Services Report, organisations which use external managed services providers are more likely to pivot their technology focus to seek new opportunities.

Permanent Availability

Access to 24/7 technical support can be a necessity in today’s world. External managed service providers can offer continuous monitoring of your systems and respond to any issues that may arise in real-time. While you can also arrange this level of support in-house, doing so could turn out to be a costly and demanding endeavour.

Minimising downtime is often cited as a crucial aspect of any software-related business. What hides behind that term is a complex, detailed and often expensive process that may require a lot of expertise and capacity. That’s why transferring these responsibilities to a partner who specialises in that domain is usually the right choice.

Access to IT Experts

Recruiting and retaining proven IT specialists can not only be prohibitively expensive but also almost impossible due to the limited amount of talent in the job market. By getting your support from an external provider, you free yourself from this burden. A trusted partner can give you all the confidence and benefits of the access to the top IT talent, without the need to build the department on your own.

Standard Compliance

Ensuring that your company is always complaint with all the latest regulatory and system requirements can be a challenge for an in-house support team. Different industries, areas of operations and business partners may introduce additional standards that need to be followed. Moreover, these requirements are changing over time, often rapidly.

A good MSP will take care of compliancy auditing and make sure that your business is up to date with all the necessary regulations. It’s also important to note that a professional partner can set up these processes faster and more efficiently, thanks to their wealth of experience in providing these services to other clients.


In today’s market, virtually every organisation that relies on technology in its daily processes can benefit from managed IT services. Outsourcing these parts of your operations is simply the more convenient approach. A reliable provider can make sure that your organisation receives all the support it needs in a customer-friendly subscription model.

The advantages of managed IT services range from guaranteed access to experienced IT specialists, through freedom in adjusting scale and scope of the services, to constant availability and system compliance. At the same time, partnership with a managed services provider can free up your internal IT resources to seek improvements in the key areas of your business. All these factors combined can have an enormous impact on your organisation and help you build a competitive advantage.

Finops Stickad Blog430x300
Rafał Imielski Content Marketing Specialist

He has two years’ experience in copywriting, translation and proofreading. His goal is to help people communicate in a concise and understandable way. Rafał is an archaeology graduate who’s fascinated by both prehistoric and modern technologies. 

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