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Test Automation Community - Summary of the year


Dec 30, 2019 - 3 minute read

Maciej Wyrodek


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At Objectivity, one of the ways for people to develop their skills is to participate in the activities of various communities. We have a lot to chose from, starting with technology-specific such as .Net Community or AWS Community, to more aspect-based ones such as Performance, Security or Test Automation.

My name is Maciej Wyrodek, and I am the leader of the longest-running community in our company - Test Automation Community. I am here to share with you what we have done this year. And we have done a lot!

Community meetings

We’ve had 24 meetings this year.

We have participated in a variety of activities:

  • Presentations and demos of the new tools that we had an opportunity to work with.
  • Knowledge sharing from automation practices in different projects.
  • Workshops on different approaches to automation and coding such as Pair and mob programming.

As the company is growing rapidly, more and more employees are starting to work remotely, so we’ve also changed the approach to our meetings so that we could allow people to join it remotely or watch in their spare time. We have experimented with many options, starting with streaming on Youtube and Facebook. But finally, we ended up using MS teams.



Ocaramba Logo

For many years at Objectivity we have been developing our Test Automaton Framework – and this year it has finally got the name - Ocaramba And we have also made progress with technology – the new version also supports .Net Core - NuGet package available here.
Moreover, in order to improve the efficiency of working with Ocaramba, we have created Ocaramba Visual Studio Templates for fast creation of the projects.


One significant aspect of communities is that you have a group of experts who share their passion and are willing to contribute.
So it is quite natural that we are active teachers. Practically speaking, all mentorings and training in Test Automation, and Integration testing were lead by members of Test Automation Community. We've done more than 25 internal training courses this year.


We are a community that was born out of testers’ need, but we are not limiting ourselves to testers only.
This year with the help of Bot Practice, we have been working out an approach to help them with the test automation of bots. In addition, we have also helped the Performance Team improve their tools.
Since we are also experts in automation, we have helped in a lot of projects making their test automation even better.


Team Researching tools doing hackathon

Each year a lot of new tools come out so, from time to time, we like doing a hackathon to check what is new and to form our own opinions on different tools.
This year we have done one for Visual Automation Testing tools. We've checked about eight tools and what is probably the biggest success - one of the teams has started to use the tool that they researched.

That's All

Communities at Objectivity are very active.
We do a lot of things that help people develop their skillset, and we are constantly looking for new ways to bring more value to the company.
That’s why I am looking forward to the year 2020 and we will see what else will happen. I won't spoil it but I already have some plans!

Thank you for reading!

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Maciej Wyrodek


See all Maciej's posts

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