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Technology trends 2019 – what will the future bring?


Jan 4, 2019 - 3 minute read

Karolina Jaworska-Bartoszek Digital Marketing Specialist
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The new year has just started, and the Internet is full of predictions for 2019. Let’s jump on the bandwagon and take a look at technology trends for 2019. 

Artificial Intelligence 

It seems like 2019 will be all about Artificial Intelligence. It’s not surprising. AI has been around for a long time, but only recently started developing at a faster pace. More and more businesses are taking advantage of AI solutions and surely this trend will continue. If you’re wondering what realistically we can expect of AI, we talked about this before.

Will there be anything new in the field of Artificial Intelligence in 2019? Gartner’s number 1 trend for 2019 is “Autonomous things”. Robots, vehicles, drones, appliances and agents are here to stay, but they still need some work. Thanks to AI they will behave more naturally in their environments. They will be better, more accurate, but still, their main purpose will be to support humans, not to replace them.

We will see more and more collaboration between autonomous devices. We saw an example of it in 2018 – a drone swarm show during the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics opening ceremony. Sure, it was for entertainment purpose only, but it’s yet another example of a technology which was first used in the army and now it gains worldwide popularity. In China, drone swarms are the new fireworks.  


The blockchain technology may sound less futuristic than AI and autonomous machines, but it becomes crucial to some of the sectors, including finance and real-estate. Blockchain evolved from cryptocurrency and is taking over more and more markets. Not long ago we shared our experience during a Blockchain Hackathon ran by a waste management company. 

This technology is known as more reliable and secure, which gives opportunity to transform sectors which operates on sensitive data. Maybe it will change the public sector? According to Forbes, blockchain and blockchain as a service are trends to watch in 2019.  

Edge Computing  

According to Forrester, 27% of global telecoms are implementing or expanding edge computing in 2019. This shows that it’s worth to take a closer look at this technology. If you’re not familiar with the concept, let me add a short explanation. In edge computing, operations are performed on distributed smart devices instead of a centralized cloud. Imagine a smart city with thousands of sensors gathering enormous amounts of data. When we aggregate data, we were only halfway to a smart city. This data must be analysed and insights must return as fast as possible. Within milliseconds. It is impossible to achieve when data must move miles and miles to be processed. We all expect instant experience when we pay, track our daily physical activities or ask voice-controlled assistants for help. Edge computing helps achieve these instant experiences. 

Talking about data analytics…    

Augmented Analytics 

Augmented analytics is the next big trend for 2019. Gartner claims it’s the future of data science and by 2020, 40% of data science tasks will be automated. Thanks to machine learning algorithms and automated analytics, data scientists will be able to get even more insights. Analysis will be less prone to human error, more productive and used broader than ever. Businesses will get more information about possible scenarios and outcomes. It will be easier to assess the performance, identify opportunities and understand the overall situation of the company.

Tech Ethics 

While automation and AI keep evolving, there will be more and more questions about the ethical aspects of technology. Companies collect more data, they get more detailed insights about customers, customers ask about privacy policies. Robots are taking over mundane tasks in corporations, employees are asking about their future. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Ethical and philosophical questions about technology will keep showing up and we should all be ready to address all concerns.  

What do you think? Which trend will impact 2019? 

HC NHS Survey Blog Ad
Karolina Jaworska-Bartoszek Digital Marketing Specialist
See all Karolina's posts

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