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Remote work – how to start working from home

Sep 18, 2019 - 3 minutes read

Monika Laszczynska
Monika Laszczynska
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Same t-shirt or pajamas 3 days in a row, greasy hair and the art of stacking dishes next to your bed? Welcome to the world of remote work.

All dreams of working by a pool sipping a tropical drink can go to hell. Don’t you believe me? Try to keep your laptop steady on your knee and use it in the garden in the full sun - for 8 hours –without air conditioning.

However, what we can enjoy is no more “beep beep wake up dummy head ” or aggressive maneuvering around those, who have no idea how to drive. You don’t need a car to transfer yourself from your bed to the couch. Less money spent on gas means more money you can spend on other “fuel”. No matter what gets you going. Therefore, who is remote work ultimately intended to?

Your attitude is key

Self-motivation, maturity, responsibility – sound familiar to you? Maybe, you also have the ability to self-organize your work. All these skills will be useful in your day by day home office. There is nobody to breathe down your neck. No more extrinsic motivation. You will be left to yourself - responsible for your own work. Nevertheless, if you are not a person with the above-mentioned qualities, don’t worry! With strong motivation and a bit of help, you will be able to adopt such good habits and skills. But this is a story for a different article.

Remote work requires the right space

Once that step is behind us, taking care of suitable working conditions seems to be another challenge. A barking dog, a crying kid in the middle of a daily with the client is out of the question. Also, how long can you actually work from your bed? Setting up the right space at your home is a must. However, before you call one of the corners of your room an office, you need to decide what necessary equipment you need. The next article will discuss the equipment used while working remotely. Stay tuned.

Keeping the work-life balance

Soon, you will find your work more efficient as there won’t be many disturbing noises around you. It’s easier to isolate yourself from everyone and everything when you’re the only person in the room. You are free to grab your dream code line and stay at this moment of flow forever. Wakey, wakey. Remember about work hygiene. At your home, there is nobody to grab a cup of coffee with or to remind you that it’s time to have lunch. Trying to come up with a solution to an interesting problem can engage you for hours. So, set a break in your calendar, agree with the team to keep an eye on that together and remind each other (at least) to drink and eat. It may sound like a good joke or a ridiculous situation, but this is what happens with people having a sense of responsibility. Keep in mind that it’s crucial to draw a thick line between your work and private life for the sake of your mental health.

Remote work idea is maturing in management heads. There are still a lot of global aspects to be considered. Foreign language classes, 1 to 1, company community meetings, guild meetings, meetings on squares. How to make sure the team members will not be forgotten as far as their personal and professional development is concerned? How to build a relationship with people working outside the remote team? How to fight with a sense of alienation? Despite all those challenges, our team members are spending a very good time working remotely. Have you got any advice? Any ideas or thoughts to share? Please comment below. I am curious to hear your voice.

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Monika Laszczynska
Monika Laszczynska
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