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Objectivity listed on UK G-Cloud 7 Public Sector supplier list

Feb 8, 2016 - 2 minutes read

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Kevin Cavanagh
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We are happy and proud to announce that Objectivity is now an accredited member of the UK’s G-Cloud 7 Digital Marketplace. The UK Government initiative enables UK-based Public Sector organisations to select and purchase services from approved suppliers that have passed a rigorous set of criteria, proving their capability to supply a billion pound UK business sector.

G-Cloud 7, announced in November2015, is showcased through the online catalogue – Digital Marketplace. As an approved supplier with 16 services listed on G-Cloud 7 under the ‘specialist cloud services’ category, we have removed the complex tendering and approval process – making it easier for UK Public Sector organisations to work with us.

This digital approach to procuring data cloud solutions ensures a compliant route to market for public sector businesses and raises our status in the UK marketplace.

This is a definite move in the right direction wouldn’t you agree? It saves public sector bodies’ time and money, both for buyers and suppliers, as well as providing an overall effective procurement service.

It means we have our work cut out for us, but here at Objectivity that is something we have always thrived on. Take a look below at the advantages we can provide now that we’re included on the UK’s G-Cloud 7 Digital Marketplace.

Value for money

Making sure we are able to offer the best services to our customers is of great importance to us. Being listed in the ‘specialist cloud services’ category enables our team to augment resources, to supplement an existing team or to provide work packages where dedicated resources are needed to deliver a specific project scope. Our specialise cloud services are set to only get bigger and better as we offer our services through G-cloud 7.

Improving efficiency

At Objectivity, we strive to help public sector organisations thrive, and what better way to do it then through our Agile software and development process. The different combinations of working practices such as flexible hours and our nearshoring model push value for money and even better time efficiency. Couple this with the efficient procurement process that G-Cloud 7 brings and business will start to receive efficiency savings almost instantly.

People like working with people

At Objectivity, we chose only experienced and skilled employees to come and work for us – this supports our clients’ business goals and extremely high standards. It also puts us at an advantage as we are a small company of only 400 employees in comparison to other multinational IT outsourcing organisations. This makes us more flexible and accessible to organisations as they get to deal with the team first hand.

Being included in the G-Cloud 7 Digital Marketplace provides more ways for Objectivity to grow and provide further services to support the UK Public Sector.  

Data Driven Organisation Blog Ebook 416X300
Kevin Cavanagh
See all Kevin's posts


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