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Microsoft Future Decoded 2019 – technology as an enabler


Oct 16, 2019 - 3 minute read

Holger Ewald
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Microsoft Future Decoded is a great opportunity not only to showcase your company’s technological achievements but also to discuss the potential behind the latest solutions.

Under the umbrella of “Explore technology as an enabler” and “Prepare for the future of work” the event had a variety of keynotes on 2 days packed with insights and information.

Speakers from all over Europe covered several technologies and experiences from different sectors and industries. There seemed to be a lot of interest from the public sector especially on day 1 and personally, I found the afternoon keynote featuring Major Tim Peake CMG very interesting.

Our own Gabriela Wiktorzak and Matt Weaver held a session and answered questions about why it is important to create lawful, ethical and robust AI and why we need ethical guidelines for it.

Meanwhile on our stand, we showed a demo using Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Service, Bots and Low Code as the front end was built in Microsoft Power Apps.

Improved candidate experience

Our solution was designed to digitise the recruitment process and improve the candidates' experience. With our tool candidates can use a personality assessment to identify the best matching openings and thus help recruiters make good hiring decisions. They could also use a chatbot during the onboarding process to ask relevant questions about the company they applied for, such as locations of meeting rooms or information about people working there.


Key takeaways from Future Decoded

I had some great conversations on how businesses use innovative technologies to improve their performance, automate processes or use Data to find new business opportunities or to improve their current offers.

To summarize, the key takeaways for me during the event were as follows:

  1. Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning / Data Science – A lot of businesses are jumping on the trend and have ideas how they would like to use these technologies in their organization. During some of the conversations it became apparent that the view on AI/ML and Data Science differ and that the understanding of it varies widely. Certainly, the ethical view of the use and how it may be applied was a talking point but mainly the question came up if businesses are ready to use this technology to reach their best potential. To see if your company is ready with the right data, infrastructure or use cases, you may want to consider an AI readiness assessment first.
  2. Reporting and how to make Data look interesting and relevant for individuals was a big topic. Lots of ideas were shared on which tools may work best. Speaking of which, our Senior UI Designer Łukasz Samiec created recently a custom reports app which allows you to personalise reports in an easy way.

  1. Low Code has arrived in many organizations. It is used or at least being considered to build good-looking front-end applications, prototypes or proof of concepts. There are different platforms with individual strengths or weaknesses. At Objectivity we evaluate different options and use a number of platforms to build applications for our partners and clients. See some information about the practice here.
  2. Bots – Our chatbot Lily was the star. She is our own employee experience bot at Objectivity and we used some of her skills in our recruitment demo. She is able to handle and assist in a number of tasks such as location finder, meeting room booking, appointment planning, people finder, etc…

  Overall, the 2 days were very interesting with great conversations, exchange of knowledge and the opportunity to meet old and new friends. Have you been to Microsoft Future Decoded 2019? What are your thoughts about the event? To read more about Objectivity in Germany, please visit our website:

Finops Stickad Blog430x300
Holger Ewald
See all Holger's posts

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