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Getting insights from the ABSL Summit


Jun 28, 2019 - 2 minutes read

Dataops Ebook 416X300


For years the majority of Objectivity’s growth was organic. I am confident that so far, we have done a pretty good job looking at our people, clients, projects and GPTW results. However, there is about 700 of us today and we are not living in a vacuum. The world is changing fast and there are many great companies around, from which we can learn and at the same time share our experience. This made me think it was the right moment to join ABSL. This year was an interesting moment to join ABSL, not only because it is a great organization, but also because this year marked the 10th year of their existence. This fact has been celebrated with an anniversary conference, with speakers ranging from world’s biggest companies C-level executives to the 42nd president of the USA – Bill Clinton. This year, the ABSL Summit’s main theme was “The New Next” – discussing the biggest challenges for the upcoming decade in global economics. I have to admit such a promise had set my expectations high and the great thing is, that it actually delivered. The content of the lectures and panels was very valuable and inspiring. Topics discussed ranged from new technologies and their impact on people, talent and organizations to environmental and global challenges. It was really astonishing to learn about business principles, core values and experiences from people like Rowena Everson (CEO of Standard Chartered Global Business Services Poland) and hear about how unique our own country is from the perspective of Bill Clinton. On top of that, the venue, organization, logistics and food was above anything I have experienced so far, and I did have a chance to participate in various conferences around the world - chapeau bas. If I was to point out one weak point, that would be reading a letter from our current President in Polish by one of his advisors during the opening ceremony. I really felt ashamed that in the presence of such great minds and international leaders that was all that our government was ready to do. In the end, it was a fantastic event for everybody who wanted to learn where we, as a society, are heading and what we will be facing in the nearest future. Great opportunity for networking too. Having said that I am already looking forward to the next year’s event.
Dataops Ebook 416X300

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