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Digital Workplace Exchange – transforming workplaces


Jun 26, 2019 - 4 minute read

Holger Ewald
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In June 2019, we took part in the Digital Workplace Exchange Summit in Berlin. The conference is aimed at IT decision makers who are influencing the digital transformation inside their organizations and take responsibility for digitalizing their workplace.

The attendees came from all over Europe from various industries to exchange experiences and get ideas on how to transform the workplace effectively. I had a great opportunity to discuss how digital services can enable workplace digitalization. I would like to share the key takings from many very interesting and inspiring conversations.

Where the change happens

The overall theme was around implementing tools in the workplace to improve the way we work and to transform the workplace to the modern work approach.

It was great to hear that workplaces do not just change in appearance or with a few foosball tables but that the whole company culture evolves and becomes a lot more agile and adaptive to the employee’s needs.

Certainly, there are a lot of challenges to accompany as many needs as possible, especially when the workforce is large in number, dispersed and have a lot of roles with different needs. However, with the right strategy and mindset of both management and staff, this can be an extremely exciting and prosperous change for everyone.

Digital transformation of workplaces

To summarize the conversations we had discussing the digitalization journey and to address individual challenges, I have categorized the findings into 4 categories.

  1. Digital Transformation at all levels (virtualization, digitization and digitalization) – We shared histories of our Clients and our own experience how our business transformed into an agile organization with rapid growths during the last years and how we use this knowledge to help our partners during their own transformation. We explained how we manage tasks and teams at Objectivity and which agile methods have become part of our DNA and how this experience can help them in building new systems putting their Clients into the center of their universe.

If you would like to see one of the examples of how we helped our partners through Digital Transformation, please click here.

  1. AI / Data Science – A lot of ideas were shared how AI / Data Science can help businesses to make better decisions and to be able to forecast more accurate. We also discussed ways to spot anomalies and application of computer vision. Our own development of “Shelfie” was a favorite for many. “Shelfie” is able to spot products in shelves with the help of cameras and sensors. This application can also help with inventory or restocking tasks for any retail organization. It can detect the items, trademarks and logos in the shelves.

There's much more you can achieve using advanced analytics.

  1. Bots – I was surprised how much interest was in Bot solutions. Not just the annoying Chatbots you come across when you call a helpline who can only handle very basic tasks and then place you in a queue, but very sophisticated assistants who can perform a huge amount of tasks and answer very complex questions:
    1. bots can handle repetitive tasks so that your team can deal with more complex and challenging duties,
    2.  act as chat partners to deal with QA´s about your company,
    3. can guide and navigate you through your website.

Bots can be available on websites, social media channels, Skype or messengers. They can apply AI, learn over time and adjust to your needs. If you'd like to dig deeper into chatbots, check out our solutions.

  1. Digital Ecosystem – And last but not least the digital ecosystem we help building for one of our partners in Germany. As this project combines a number of technologies and solutions in one ecosystem, it was the most discussed subject.

We collaborate with Apleona and other PropTech companies to create an environment for all digital products to manage facilities. Basically, this solution allows visitors to buildings to manage their entire journey via their mobile device. From checking into the building to booking workstations, unlock doors, report incidents, and many more. The whole Apleona Ecosystem was developed in just nine months and has won the Handelsblatt Diamond Star Award in the category of “IT Innovation Products and Services at Large Companies”.

  Of course, there were a lot more individual challenges we talked about and continue to support. If you are interested to hear more or to discuss your own challenges, please just contact me and I am more than happy to assist. To read more about Objectivity in Germany, please visit our website:

Finops Stickad Blog430x300
Holger Ewald
See all Holger's posts

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