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Digital transformation in the public sector


Jun 25, 2018 - 3 minute read

Karolina Jaworska-Bartoszek Digital Marketing Specialist
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Growing expectations of customers are forcing companies to re-think the Customer Experience they offer. B2C sector invests in cutting-edge digital solutions to stay ahead of the competition and attract new customers. Companies operating in the B2B model are looking for new ways to optimize their processes and achieve business goals more in a more efficient way. How can digital transformation impact the public sector?

Digital transformation in the public sector

Growing demands and expectations of citizens, especially the younger generations, are forcing governments and institutions to re-think the way they work and communicate. People expect a coherent technological experience no matter where they are and what they do: relaxing at home, working or dealing with governmental institutions. Thankfully, mobile technologies, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence and chatbots have a potential to drive the digital transformation in the public sector. Indisputably, there’s a long way for digitalization to come in full force. It’s no longer about digital copies of documents. What matters is a full digital experience for citizens. According to the study by Public Sector Show, user expectations are one of the most important challenges the Public Sector is facing.


How to make public services accessible to everyone? We must take into consideration people of all ages, geographically dispersed and with different levels of mobility and independence. Accessibility is a challenge, which can be easily answered with modern technologies. Chatbots can become the first point of contact, answering reoccurring questions and providing documents on demand. Certainly, chatbots fulfill citizens’ desire to communicate with institutions from any place and at any time. Augmented Reality solutions can be applied to assist people with disabilities or future seniors. As the society is aging, we are in a need of scalable solutions for elder citizens. The next generation of seniors will be fully capable of smartphones, which makes it easier to turn them into assisting devices. A good example is a virtual assistant which can guide a user through any kind of document, help fill it in and submit it. In the upcoming future, virtual assistants (a combination of a chatbot and AR) could support seniors in booking doctor’s appointments, reading aloud labels of medications and more.

Public sector employees

In the UK there are 5.36 million people employed in public sector, which equals to 16.5% of all people in paid work. Managing the work of over 5 million people, multiple bodies and agencies is not an easy task. Digital transformation can leverage the quality of work and decisions made in the public sector. Starting small, we can use existing Sharepoint environment to enhance the flow of documents within an institution. Utilising a software already used by the Environment Agency, we transformed the way documents are created and managed. We implemented an approval and access logic, whilst maintaining an access rights matrix. As a result, the Agency can now focus on their core work, not on documents’ governance. Another example is data science. Data science solutions can support decision-making processes. The amount of data which exist nowadays in unimaginable and impossible to analyse by humans. Thanks to data science we can investigate raw data and turn it into meaningful information. Final results are presented in a visual form, which makes it easy to interpret. This way institutions can, for example, allocate budgets according to the needs. In the long run, it improves the overall quality of services delivered.

The holistic approach

Digital transformation supports the public sector in a holistic way – offering solutions for both citizens and the sector’s employees. It improves performance, accessibility and communication between institutions and citizens and also within the sector. Each digital experience offered to end users brings us closer to a fully digital government. If you’d like to learn more about the services for the public sector, contact us.

2988 HC Digital Transformation 476X381
Karolina Jaworska-Bartoszek Digital Marketing Specialist
See all Karolina's posts

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