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Best practices in nearshoring


Oct 31, 2018 - 4 minute read

Magda Richmond Digital Marketing Specialist

She's specialising in delivering the right message via the right channel, using a variety of digital tools. 

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We all outsource/nearshore some of our duties to third parties, sometimes because we don’t have time to do things on our own (for example hiring a nanny or sending kids to day-care), other times because it’s simply convenient, but very often because someone might be more experienced than us (e.g. using the services of professional financial advisor).

Reasons to outsource

This post is not a lesson in better time management, but rather a suggestion of how to best suit your business goals. As an analogy to day to day life from the introduction, I will share some thoughts about nearshoring, why it’s a good idea to outsource your software development, and where to find the best partner.

The Business Process Outsourcing market is doing very well in today’s economy. Software engineering services themselves are expected to nearly double between 2016 and 2021, making it the largest contributor to R&D spending. Now when we hear about nearshoring, we no longer think only about call centres on the other side of the globe. Outsourcing process is more about seeing the big potential that nearshorers bring to boost the value of companies across Europe.

A vendor or a true partner

At Objectivity we strongly believe that, as a nearshore vendor, we are a true partner to our clients. It means that we don’t simply work on the technical aspects of development, but also provide strategic insights to move our clients’ business forward. We guide our Clients through the complex process of digital transformation because we simply believe it’s an unavoidable path to be taken for every business with digital ambitions.

Objectivity People

Selecting a nearshore vendor

Let’s be honest, finding a perfect outside vendor isn’t easy. There are some obvious benefits of doing so but there is also a lot of fear when it comes to the quality of services or communication. The majority of C-level representatives that decide to outsource some of their processes, are motivated not only by just cost reduction but what’s more important: by the need for specialized skills.

There are numerous software companies in Central, Eastern or Southern Europe, which have great talent, expertise and success to their credit. They all provide great, high-skilled professionals, close proximity, with the same time zone and business culture. When selecting the best software development company, you need to focus also on different factors to help you differentiate these companies and choose the right one for your needs.

To diminish all risks related to nearshoring you have to remember about the human factor: connection, trust and commitment in building a healthy and strong relationship. Those are the key ingredients of Objectivity’s long-term rapport with our clients.

Poland’s stable economic situation and recent upgrade from Emerging Market to Developed Market makes it a very attractive nearshoring destination. It produces roughly 40,000 technical IT graduates a year— which means it is the perfect place for high-quality IT outsourcing firms to develop and thrive.

What drives a successful partnership

Here are some of the best practices we apply at Objectivity to ensure a successful nearshore partnership:

  1. Agile approach to work: Our teams seek to release their products as soon as possible, communicating with the Client on a daily basis, testing and receiving feedback very frequently to allow better planning. Being agile means being flexible and very time-efficient. We have been working successfully in the agile way with many of our clients and we are always happy introducing this approach to those unfamiliar with this practice.
  2. People: As mentioned above, Poland has an incredible base of IT graduates. We attract the best talents in the region, making sure our people receive the best available training and tools. At Objectivity we have one of the lowest attrition rates in the industry. You probably know already some of them, as quite a few of our employees have been lecturers at various prestigious conferences and meet-ups around the world.
  3. Integrity We are friendly people with positive attitudes, but just so you know, instead of just merely taking orders, we do challenge our clients with new ideas and solutions whenever we think the status quo is not efficient. Let’s face it, nothing good comes from trying to hide a problem. Rather striving for a quick win, we value being loyal and staying with our Clients through ups and downs.
  4. Excellence Off-the-shelf solutions are very convenient but what if they don’t fit to your current working environment? We can’t overstate the importance of discovery phase workshops that we start each engagement with. This allows us to get to the root of a client’s challenge, know exactly what the business need is and leaves more time for collaboration and thought leadership. Constant improvement is fundamental for our development: we invest in our people, their training and whatever they need to deliver an excellent product.

Objectivity office


There is no risk-free way to do business but let’s be clear: nothing ventured, nothing gained!

The success of outside, dedicated teams providing bespoke software resides in the value of people and their mutual commitment to build a trustworthy relationship. This is where you should focus your energy when seeking a nearshore partner.

Once again, to consider your objectives and get as much information as you can before making your sourcing decisions, we encourage you to visit our purpose-built nearshore development centre in Poland and see for yourself. For more information and future assistance please visit Objectivity’s website.  

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Magda Richmond Digital Marketing Specialist

She's specialising in delivering the right message via the right channel, using a variety of digital tools. 

See all Magda's posts

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