Augmented Reality solutions for financial sector

How do you make sure your services stay relevant and competitive? You specialise and reinvent. But how you increase your reach at the same time? You make use of what the technology has to offer.

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Ehnancing financial sector's services

Improving customer experience

Each year citizens receive many documents. From banks and other financial institutions, government, workplace, etc. Very often these documents are written in a sophisticated language which is not easy to understand. It’s even harder when there’s an action required, i.e. filling in a form. It may be challenging for many groups: senior citizens, young people who are not familiar with formal issues and other people, who simply don’t have required knowledge.

Virtual assistant

Is there a way to guide someone through documents received via traditional mail? Without the need of going to the bank or other institution? Here’s where Artificial Reality comes to play. Using innovative technology, we are able to assist people in dealing with official documents anywhere and anytime they need. The only thing needed is a smartphone with access to the Internet and a dedicated application.

How does it work?

We have designed a solution for a self-invested personal pension (SIPP) forms, which guides a user through the whole form. A mobile application takes a role of an assistant who introduces the topic (in this case it’s SIPP) and explains every step.

When a user holds the phone above a document or a form, a camera captures it and our app plays a video in which an expert explains the purpose of the document. As the phone is moved through parts of the form, a user has an assistance and commentary to each box which has to be filled, together with examples. This way the form becomes self-explanatory and easy to fill.

Once the device is put above the contact information, a user can click one button to call the institution, go to the website or find the nearest office on the map.

Improving customer experience
Pracical uses of Artificial Reality

Expanding your customer reach via AR

Our Artificial Reality solution allows anyone who owns a smartphone to benefit even from sophisticated services, which they are not familiar with. Financial institutions can guide their customers through application forms from the very beginning to the submission. Thanks to videos, they can educate people on topics of investments, pensions, etc. Moreover, AR tool is able to serve hundreds of clients at the time, reducing operational costs and waiting lines.

Want to see more?

We will be presenting a demo version of our AR solution for SIPP forms during CX Exchange BFSI event in London on February 20-21. If you won’t be in London, but you’d like to learn more about our services, contact us.