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AI in a Day

Get access to our free Microsoft co-hosted webinar & discover how to leverage AI in a day!

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On-Demand Webinar


Check out our latest webinar “AI in a Day” where we’ll be discussing how Machine Learning (ML) can be applied in your business to optimise processes and generate added value.

Our speaker will go into detail about which Azure tools can be used to create and manage ML models. He’ll also present demos from Objectivity’s commercial customer projects and the business advantage of adopting automation.

*Note: The webinar is conducted in Polish.


Azure AI: New Analytics Capabilities for Businesses 

This segment of the webinar will present Azure’s Machine Learning tools and how we’ve employed them to transform our clients’ businesses.

Demo: Flight Anomaly Detection

There are thousands of flights taking place on a daily basis—as such, analysing them is an incredibly cumbersome activity. We built a user-friendly and easy to interpret Machine Learning system capable of automatically detecting flight anomalies based on their trajectory. We’ll present a demo of the system during this segment of the webinar.

Machine Learning Business Use Cases

This segment of the webinar will focus on Machine Learning and how it can be leveraged to create added business value. We’ll also go over which of Azure’s tools can be used to develop and manage models. 

Demo: Accelerating Recruitment Processes with a Recommendation System 

Recruitment is often a time-consuming activity, as it’s difficult to reach the most suitable candidates. During this segment of the webinar, we’ll show you a recommendation system capable of finding the right candidate even before the recruiter begins their search efforts.

Discussion: The Business Side of Machine Learning



Dr Marcel Falkiewicz 

Senior Data Scientist, Team Leader - Objectivity

He’s a psychologist and holds a Ph.D. in biology. During his academic career, he specialised in magnetic resonance imaging. He’s been developing commercial Machine Learning projects for over 3 years. 

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