AI Hackathon – responding to the needs

There’s no denying that Artificial Intelligence is gaining ground. More and more companies are interested in AI and more and more developers want to upskill and work in this domain. If employees are interested in a certain topic, the best thing you can do is to let them develop their skills. We ran an AI Hackathon to challenge our developers and give them an opportunity to test themselves.

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The idea

AI Hackathon

Hackathons are among tools we use both in our work and in cooperation with Clients. They help us understand the needs better and develop creative, yet profitable ideas. AI Hackathon lasted 2 days and involved 16 of our colleagues, divided into 4 teams. Each team consisted of 3 developers and 1 data science engineer, whose task was to provide guidance.

AI Hackathon

The Challenge

Rental forecasting

Each team had the same problem to solve – municipal bikes rental forecasting. We took historical data from the Wrocław Municipal Office regarding city bike rentals. Teams combined it with the historical data about the weather in Wrocław and worked on different models and algorithms to predict bike rental occupancy. Final conclusions were presented after 2 days of hard work with data.

More than Artificial Intelligence

The AI Hackathon gathered developers and architects with different backgrounds: JAVA, .NET, Python, AWS enthusiasts and Azure technologies. They could not only challenge themselves but also test new tools and work closely with data scientist. After the hackathon, we asked participants what the most important aspect of this event was. This is what they said:

  1. I had a chance to meet colleagues interested in AI
  2. I had a chance to work with tools which were new to me
  3. I could do something new, something different from my everyday work
  4. I solved an interesting problem
  5. I learnt more about Artificial Intelligence
  6. I had a chance to cooperate with data scientists

From the company perspective, AI Hackathon proved that we have talented people interested in Artificial Intelligence. This gives us more possibilities to develop in this field. Overall, hackathons are good opportunities to broaden our knowledge, cooperate with people we don’t work with on a daily basis, share knowledge, test new tools and technologies. What’s more, they keep all of us motivated.