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We make the world more sustainable through the adoption and promotion of green software development principles and techniques as well as socially responsible business operations.

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Our approach to sustainable IT

How we reach our goals?

The IT sector has a significant and growing impact on the condition of our planet. With circa 2% of global CO2 emissions being driven by IT, the footprint is comparable to the air travel sector. At the same time, only about 30% of energy comes from renewable sources, and as little as 20% of electronic waste is being recycled. Moreover, as the amount of data grows at an unprecedented pace, so does the electricity use of data centres.

Nowadays, every company is a technology company, and organisations should ask themselves the question — "What impact does our technology have on the planet, and how does it affect our operations?”

Many enterprises still have massive opportunities to become more eco-friendly while saving money. Wasteful use of resources such as cloud infrastructure, as well as high operational costs due to lack of system optimisation are a burden to both your budget and the environment.

At Objectivity, we take a holistic approach to sustainability. We have already started the process of achieving Net Zero emissions, which we aim to reach by 2025.

At the same time, we implement sustainable practices and green engineering into the services we provide to our clients. We created a sustainability-focused group of engineers and other specialists who are continuously finding and evaluating the best ways of applying green practices in our services and adopting a sustainable approach to software development. Consequently, to combat the environmental impact of IT, we strive to design our solutions in a way that helps our clients:

  • Waste less 
  • Utilise scarce resources better 
  • Use less energy 
  • Maintain systems more effectively 
  • Prevent problems instead of fixing them 

We understand the challenges faced by companies trying to embrace sustainability. Everyone has to make a difference because only if we all embrace sustainability, we will reduce the impact of business on the environment and secure the health of our planet.

We are a business that actively promotes sustainability. Contact us if you want to introduce green engineering to your organisation in an efficient and strategic way.



What we do to make a difference

How do we manage sustainability in our business?



How we support local communities

We are trying to ensure that our work environment and organisational culture provide sustainable support for our people, clients and partners in their daily lives. Our company provides a sustainable long-term place to work with a values-based culture that encourages professional development. This is visible in the results of our Great Place to Work surveys every year.

Our CSR initiatives leverage the skills of our people and our business capabilities to help others. Objectivity takes part in cross-organisational initiatives with partners and competitors to create a positive impact.

We created and continue to maintain a backlog of improvements to engage our people in making daily operations more sustainable. Our client-facing colleagues build strong relationships with our partners, so we can understand the wider business context and the impact we can have.

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How we reduce our emissions

At Objectivity, we care about our planet, that’s why we have a strong environmental focus in our business practices. To show that we take this subject seriously, we’re planning to achieve Net Zero by 2025. We will achieve it by:

  • Gathering all the necessary data to accurately measure our current emissions.
  • Analysing and calculating the impact our business has on the planet.
  • Building a science-based target (SBT) for our carbon emissions with support from external experts.
  • Creating and implementing the plan based on the created SBTs.
  • Working with our clients and suppliers to maximise the effectiveness of our actions.

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How we help our clients

When delivering solutions to our clients, we promote sustainable technologies, work in accordance with green software engineering principles, and innovate in a way that’s efficient and helps reduce our environmental impact.

We are embedding sustainability and green principles in our service delivery model. It’s not an optional addition, but an inherent part of everything we do. Our sustainability focus group continuously evaluates technologies, practices and principles that can be most fitting to implement sustainability in our project work.

At the same time, we are encouraging our delivery teams to learn about the sustainable software development practices, and implement them across all projects. We are promoting our ideas and principles both inside and outside of our organisation to encourage everyone to focus on sustainability.

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Managing Director

Jon Finn

Sustainability is not something we can ignore, everyone will have to play their part in making the world fully sustainable. From the largest corporation to the smallest start-up, no one is exempt. The impact on the poorest and weakest in society from climate change is disproportionately high, and it is only by businesses acting now that we can reduce our impact on the planet to a sustainable level.

Objectivity Jon Finn

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