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Over the 30+ years we have been on the market, we have built a sizeable network of partners — this enables us to solve your business problems through the delivery of excellent software.

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Delivering value through cooperation

Making a difference together 

As a trusted technology partner, we pride ourselves on delivering cutting-edge solutions that drive digital transformation and propel businesses towards success. Through strategic partnerships, we aim to combine our expertise and resources to create mutually beneficial relationships. This way, we can unlock new possibilities in the ever-evolving world of technology and deliver value to our clients. 



Driving success with strong partnerships

Our Partners

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As a Microsoft Solution Partner, we’ve been delivering client projects within Microsoft’s technology stack for decades. Our company is strongly rooted in .NET, which remains one of our leading technologies. This is complemented with in-depth expertise with the Azure Cloud and low-code development with the Power Platform. This broad set of skills enables us to deliver complex, tailored solutions entirely within Microsoft’s stack. We currently hold two specialisations: “Modernization of Web App to Microsoft Azure” and “Low Code Application Development”. Moreover, we are a designated solution partner in Data & AI (Azure) and Digital & App Innovation (Azure).

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Working with cloud computing for many years, we leverage AWS services in many of our clients’ projects. We’re an AWS Select Consulting Partner with the Advanced AWS Lambda Specialisation that was achieved thanks to our experience with serverless solutions. Additionally, we’re an AWS Public Sector Partner thanks to our work with public sector organisations in the UK. We also hold the IoT Competency and are in the process of working towards the Healthcare Specialisation due to our experience and numerous long-standing engagements with clients in this industry. Many of our employees are AWS certified in various fields. These areas of expertise include Big Data, SysOps, Solution Architecture, Cloud Practice, DevOps, and Security.

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Siemens Mendix

As Objectivity, we’re proud to call ourselves an early adopter of low-code and the Mendix platform was a part of our low-code journey from the start. Objectivity was named the Mendix Partner of the Year in 2021 and 2022. Many of our global enterprise clients are already benefitting from low-code’s accelerated development, bridging the gap between business and IT, saving their organisations considerable time and money. We had the opportunity to solve a variety of business problems using the Mendix low-code platform. The projects included both the UK and DACH markets and a variety of industries such as retail, manufacturing, public services, and more.

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Cplace (Collaboration Factory)

We are happy to be a cplace Integration & Development Partner. Our vast experience with low-code development, a strong focus on business outcomes, and an understanding of our clients’ industries makes us a great fit for leveraging cplace in client projects. The Collaboration Factory’s development platform helps us deliver value mainly to organisations operating in the DACH market, in industries like manufacturing and pharma.

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Ingram Micro

Ingram Micro is a licensing and technology distribution company that helps us deliver deep business value to our clients. Our partnership focuses on the cloud and enables us to offer fit-for-purpose cloud resources and services from the most renowned providers to our clients to optimise their business operations. Objectivity also provides Microsoft and AWS licensing to its clients at highly competitive rates.

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Capita is one of the UK’s leading IT outsourcing companies. They’re focused on bringing organisations closer to their customers, helping them create a strong alignment between IT and business. Our partnership with Capita enables some of the UK’s most notable public sector clients to confidently transform and enhance connections between businesses and customers, governments, and citizens. This is made possible through innovative consulting and digital solutions which allow their clients to focus on what they do best to achieve better outcomes.

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As Objectivity, building various software solutions for our clients is a core part of our operations. F5 helps us secure and optimise the applications and APIs that fuel our clients’ businesses. It’s a company that specialises in the security of digital solutions, especially systems that are based on multi-cloud. This partnership drives the safety and performance of the delivered solutions, helping us to reduce complexity and increase the efficiency of our client’s cloud setups.

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Projectum is a global leader in the Microsoft Partner ecosystem and specialises in a number of Microsoft technologies from Microsoft Project, Power BI, Power Apps, and beyond. Our partnerships with Projectum enables large organisations to implement and integrate Project Portfolio Management software within the Microsoft Office 365 suite, to create an efficient, transparent, and modern work management experience across teams and departments.

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