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At Objectivity, we consider ourselves a part of a global ecosystem, therefore we build our community partnerships according to the Win-Win philosophy.

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What we do to make a difference

CSR strategy

Our CSR strategy is based on the education of disadvantaged groups and individuals so that they can transform their lives. Employee volunteering demonstrates our commitment to solving relevant local problems. Donations and grassroots company fundraisers provide opportunities to match our organisation’s capacity with the needs of the beneficiaries. We are long-term supporters of non-governmental organisations, we also cooperate with public administration and run community projects together with our market competitors.

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    Employee volunteering

    Renovating an animal hospice, tutoring teenagers from foster families, mentoring social enterprises — these are just a few examples of our volunteering projects. We engage in both the competence-based, and the traditional, hands-on volunteering. On average, we spend 100 hours a year on supporting local communities with our knowledge, time and enthusiasm. In our employee volunteering programme called Live2Give, we encourage our colleagues to find solutions to relevant community problems. We respond to the actual needs of communities where we live and work by providing them with tailored organisational and financial help.

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    Company fundraisers

    Let IT Snow, Back2School, water supply for COVID-19 patients — these are examples of how Objectivity’s staff answers the community’s needs. We regularly invite all our employees to various fundraisers, but also encourage them to conduct their own among colleagues. This way, we support causes important to our people and enable them to drive individual and group contributions.

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    We have been a long-time supporter of a number of charities and social initiatives across Europe. The list of NGOs which receive financial help from us includes the Movember Foundation in the UK, the Przystanek Rodzina Foundation (supporting foster families), the Sensor Foundation in Poland (supporting people with disabilities) and more. From regular contributions, through IT equipment donations, to prepaid orders, we help them grow and overcome challenges such as surviving the pandemic.

Results of our actions 

Earth Day 2023

CSR Summary 2021

Our team spirit
  • V1 Obj Business Class Academy 2018
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  • V1 Obj Foster Family Event

Areas of engagement

What we are focused on

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Sharing our knowledge & expertise

In 2019, we launched Start IT Mum — one of the projects within the Live2Give employee volunteering programme. It aimed to engage professionally inactive mothers with no previous testing experience and let them transition into quality engineering. We received 100 applications and invited 6 candidates to join the programme so they could learn how to become a tester.

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The well-being of our employees

Runners’ Club, Stair Climb Challenge, Bikers’ Challenge, Movember and Pinky Promise are programmes which combine the well-being of our employees with charity. We encourage everyone to get more physical exercise and to take care of their health by converting their effort into financial donations given to charities which support e.g. cancer patients and people with disabilities.

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Reducing & eliminating waste

Our purchasing policy is to buy from local suppliers whenever possible, including products from the social  initiatives we support. Plastic usage is being constantly limited, e.g. by replacing bottled waters with a purifying infrastructure solution. We educate our employees about reducing the use of plastic and food waste in the company newsletter.

Communities and awards

Our projects

Objectivity is the co-founder of Business Class Academy, an educational project where corporate volunteers consult, mentor and train Social Collaboratives (community start-ups, local NGOs) in order to give them commercial awareness, skills and tools. In addition to the ongoing business mentoring, we also engage in the project by organising themed workshops. In 2018, the BCA project was awarded the second place in the Equality-Friendly Initiative of the Year by the British think-tank Emerging Europe. The uniqueness of the Business Class Academy is based on win-win strategy. Representatives of the public, private and NGO sectors achieve a common goal by sharing competences, supporting entrepreneurship in social economy entities, improving the attractiveness of their products and promoting them. At the end of each edition of the Business Class Academy, during the final ceremony, the most successful participants are granted funds in the amount of 5 000 PLN for the development of their organisation in three categories: innovation, product/service and commitment. This is an incredible recognition for those entities that make the biggest effort throughout the course of the academy.

Objectivity is one of the main founders and partners of the ‘Tech To The Rescue’ project. We’re proud to join forces with tech companies who contribute to their communities by delivering at least 1 pro-bono or low-bono project per year. 'Tech to the rescue' actively supports worldwide non-profit and non-governmental organisations as they react to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic in March 2020. Their mission is to make it easier for social organisations to acquire and implement new technologies. From the very beginning, TTTR managed to surpass their goals and successfully matched 35 projects for top organizations from 12 countries. Thanks to this extraordinary achievement, they will improve the lives of 900,000 people.

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