A new face of Objectivity’s website

We are constantly evolving. To help our clients in the most efficient way, we have changed from a company focused on a nearshore delivery and team augmentation to a trusted partner who will design and create a best-suited solution. We know we will keep changing. This website will reflect our flexibility.

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Written by Objectivity
New website

Agile website for an agile world

Our aim is to be as close to our clients and end-users as possible because only this way we can find the right answers to new business challenges. The world and technologies are constantly changing and as a company, we need to change also.

This website will be our digital face, therefore as we adapt our value propositions and communication methods to our clients’ needs, the website will reflect that. It will be improved continually and will tell a story of a changing digital world.

We wished for the website to represent us as precisely as possible, so we have followed our usual way of working.

Agile website for an agile world

The new beginning

Creating a new medium for one’s image is a challenging task, especially when one of the main goals is working closely with the end-users and stakeholders. We have begun the process with a series of workshops to gather expectations and needs. An information architecture and website’s workflow were created. Then, the design team could create sketches and mock-ups, that were a basis for our global design. To save our internal capacity to keep helping our clients, we have decided to partner with an outside organisation to deliver our ideas. Our Visual Designers and User Experience specialists coordinated the delivery and made sure it fulfils our vision.

We had a couple of key points that guided our efforts:

  • We wanted to preserve our branding and style rules. All the faces on our photos are of people working at Objectivity.
  • The tile-based design reflects our digital transformation philosophy. New and amazing things emerge out of asymmetric parts skilfully put together.
  • The website is responsive. We have designed and tested for resolutions common for desktop, tablet, and mobile.

The website will be modified iteratively. It will not only change as our value propositions evolve, but also due to User Experience tests that we will be running.

So, make sure to stay in touch because we have a lot more to offer!