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“The Top 3 HCO Technology Challenges & How to Solve Them” eBook

Download our complimentary eBook to discover how innovative digital technology can address current issues in healthcare.

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Download your FREE copy of the “The Top 3 HCO Technology Challenges & How to Solve Them” eBook

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Addressing healthcare technology challenges

Adopting digital solutions to accelerate innovation

In our latest eBook report, based on Forrester findings and our commercial project experience, we present the top 3 healthcare challenges that healthcare organisations (HCOs) have been facing since the start of the pandemic—and how applying the right approach to both technology and healthcare operations can help solve them.

According to several Forrester studies, HCOs’ current top 3 digital health challenges concern:

  1. The alignment of telehealth solutions with existing clinical workflows
  2. The interoperability of healthcare systems
  3. The efficient use of actionable data analytics

HCOs have been dealing with these issues for some time, however, the COVID-19 outbreak drastically accelerated the timeframe within which they should be addressed.

This eBook addresses the problems with technology in healthcare organisations around the globe and aims to shed light on how certain digital optimisations can help alleviate some of the industry’s most pressing challenges.

Technology in healthcare—the digital advantage

What’s inside the eBook?

Part 1. Aligning Telehealth Solutions with Existing Clinical Workflows

The importance of health system integration can’t be understated. Approximately 90% of hospitals use telehealth to meet with their patients virtually, however most of them use standalone solutions which aren’t part of integrated healthcare systems (e.g. electronic health records). This section of the eBook covers the importance of telehealth integration and what you can do to achieve it in your organisation.

Part 2. The Interoperability of Healthcare Systems

As Forrester reports, a lack of interoperability in healthcare is currently one of the industry’s top challenges. When there is no interoperability between systems, multiple applications must be used to collect patient data, making it difficult to achieve a holistic view of patients’ health. In this section of the eBook we present a few helpful data integration and interoperability best practices.

Part 3. Actionable Data Analytics

Having access to actionable healthcare analytics can help organisations make timely and accurate decisions. Leveraging data analytics in healthcare supports decision-making and provides clinicians with a more holistic view of patients’ health. Whereas employing automation and AI in healthcare can further benefit HCOs by accelerating how quickly patient information is processed. The last section of the eBook covers how adopting innovative digital solutions can optimise operations.

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