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How to hone creativity and innovation in a fast-paced tech world?

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The ideas

What innovative ideas reigned this year?

In the previous article, we gave you an overview of how IDEAapp_ came to be. It is a way to get our employees to develop applications using their creativity, knowledge and (not only) IT experience. They had a freedom of app choice. We accepted all the ideas (even those crazy ones!). The contest was a great way to bring together a little fun and team-cooperation.

What we loved the most in the contest were the spectacular effects, sense of humour and team working. After the contest, our Jury (after sharp deliberations) as well as Objectivity employees finally chose the best applications. We also awarded 2 more teams – for the most useful app and an outrageous ambition.

But before we’ll introduce you to The IDEAapp_ winners, please have a look at all the awesome apps that were made in the contest:

  • No Coding Allowed – 3 of our heroes have built a NoCodeHolidays application with one major constraint – writing with no line of code. To make it happen, they used a WordPress platform and RPA solutions. The application allows to manage holiday requests.
  • Weekend lovers – this super team has made a logic game – e-maze-ng (that’s the name of the game) escape from the labyrinth in 48 levels! Fascinating world, moving walls, floating icy water – to find the exit you need to reach your intellectual heights!
  • Crazy Octopus – the team has presented the Alertivity app that simplifies our daily communication and notifies us on time. Why? To reduce SPAM in mailboxes and to provide an effective way to manage your time at work.
  • OldButAble – has made Die Wunderwortmachine. Sounds weird, but it’s helpful! The app changes speeches into subtitles in real time. The team of 4 smart heads used a Microsoft Cognitive Services and SignalR communication to make it happen.
  • BOT Team – The BOT was made during the contest – Alexa saves MrQ. It is a combination of Alexa voice BoT and a simple game. The app helps MrQ (our company Quality character) to find a way of the labyrinth using Alexa Echo Dot device by giving voice commands.
  • Adhoc developers – made a Business Trip App that gives employees the possibility to check online their current business travel expenses and adjust them when necessary. To speed up the development, they used Microsoft PowerApps platform.
What innovative ideas reigned this year?
The champions

Can't wait to know the champions?

Here they are! The Fantastic Four were officially awarded during the company Winter Party ceremony. All the teams were welcomed on the stage, grabbed the awards and had a few minutes of glory 🙂 Please welcome the most fantastic app-teams ever!

  • The Mincers – this brave team built an app called BRUM. Their tool helps all of us in carpooling in Wrocław due to real-time communication between a driver and a future passenger. The team was awarded for an outrageous ambition, that’s not a surprise! Bravo!
  • SkypeBot Team – this full of ambitions team built a Skype Bot – a virtual assistant that helps in many everyday office tasks i.e. Lily (that’s the name of the BOT) helps you find a conference room or let you know in which room your colleague sits and many other things to make your life easier. The team gained the most helpful app award!
  • IdIOTs – the team of 5 used the benefits of IoT and built a fully automated nerf cannon (called WHIP) to check programmers work and ensure good working habits for developers. Their solution integrates a code repository (GIT), a system for automated application development – Continuous Integration (CI) and IoT technology (control of nerf cannon) 🙂 This full of humour team has won The Objectivity employees award called The Miss of Technology – thanks to the biggest amount of votes.

But The WINNER is one!

After a day full of all-apps presentation, the Jury had a tough task – to choose the best application. After the stormy disputes they already made a decision. Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome – SNAFU Squadron – this amazing team built a PullKlockercooperative (and non-static!) game helping to raise attractiveness of every event. To build it, our heroes used variety of technologies. This multiplayer game is not only one application, but rather a system which gathers a number of technologies from different areas like mobile (Xamarin), IoT (ESP8266 with RFID reader), web technologies and game engine (Unity 3D). Sebastian, Błażej, Paweł, Rafał, Michał. A huge applause for you, guys!

Our Jury had a hard nut to crack, because all of the applications were interesting, innovative and functional. After stormy deliberation, finally, they decided to choose the winner team. But in the end it’s not the winning that matters, but the creativity, innovative way of thinking, undeniable sense of humour of our employees. All the app-builders, thank you for taking us for that fantastic journey! We can’t wait for more!

Do you want to know how our teams worked? Watch the movie!