UK Account Manager

Before joining Objectivity I spent 5 years cutting my teeth working for two global IT firms selling software and services. I began working for Objectivity in 2003 when we had around 30 people and operated from one location in Coventry. Since then I have seen Objectivity mature and grow which has been an extremely rewarding experience. What’s more it has achieved this growth and expansion whilst still retaining its culture, identity and values which are some of the reasons why many of us ‘longtimers’ still continue to work here.

The aspect of my role I love most is meeting new people and developing relationships built on trust and mutual benefit. This isn’t achieved over night and, as a sales professional, my sights are always on the long term. For me, what I do at Objectivity has never felt like work – it just happens that I do what I enjoy and get rewarded for it.

Outside of Objectivity, I’m a pretty active person and have a great love for the outdoors. During my time at University I spent 5 summers at a summer camp in Vermont, teaching kayaking, canoeing, sailing and leading wilderness trips. As well as outdoor pursuits, I’ve always enjoyed martial arts and even competed at a local level. However, following a training incident which resulted in a broken leg and a subsequent ultimatum from my wife, I now restrict my fitness routine to regular visits to the gym and chasing my two young boys around the house. Whatever little time I have left is spent catching up with friends, visiting the cinema, dining out and, if I’m very lucky, spending a few hours on a hot summer’s day trying to hook pike on a riverbank.