Customer Services Director

I am the joint founder of Objectivity and now I am part of the management team responsible for its strategic direction and organisational development. More specifically, my role focuses on development of our services for our clients. This often means getting the right balance between “People, process and systems”.

For Objectivity, a growing services organisation, this is a vital area and one that is a source of competitive advantage.

I am a management consultant in my head while a technology evangelist at my heart. In the past I have conceived, developed and refined technology strategies for multinational organisations. I have published papers in the combined area of Business/IT Transformation and Enterprise Architecture. One of my specialities has been my approach that ensures the integration of IT into the fabric of the business. I like it when I create business value from IT investments and the alignment of business & IT agendas.

I have a busy personal life – one that revolves round my family – my wife and my daughter. However, when I have some free time, I look towards my second love – books on physics and mathematics. I know it is unusual – but I find that studying mathematics or physics therapeutic and relaxing! I own quite a few of these books too – much, much more than an average person does. I am also an ardent fan of Formula 1 and cricket – at the end of university days I even considered cricket as my profession!