Group Managing Director

In the olden days (until about 1991) I worked as a developer, a team leader and a project manager for Great Universal Stores. It was IBM Mainframe Assembler and I wasn’t bad! I definitely knew my Load Address from my Load Register!

Then in 1991 I joined Volkswagen at their UK Head Office in Milton Keynes. Almost immediately I moved out of IT and into the general business. My first role was Logistics Strategy Manager and if you ever have a few minutes (or hours!!) I’ll be very happy to tell you all about National Stocking Programmes for cars and parts.

I loved my time in the group and they asked me to do a wide variety of jobs including Regional Manager, Head of Contract Hire Sales, UK Operations Manager and Head of Customer Service. My team set up two award winning academies with responsibility for developing about 40,000 people and I was asked to recover some very large, badly broken projects. I even picked up a top secret Project X!

In 2005, I thought that I needed a change and whilst I still loved automotive, I wanted to try something different. I set out on my own and over the next 18 months, I created 3 very different businesses. All were profitable (from slightly to quite!). One I gave away, one I sold and through the 3rd I met Objectivity.

I started doing some business development consulting for one of their clients, then Rob asked me to become interim MD and then he asked me to stay on and help more permanently.

I became a shareholder (10%) about 6 months later and the rest is history.

It’s a real privilege to work with some fantastic clients and some extraordinarily talented people.

I’m still waiting for the guys to tell me we have a client who needs an IBM Assembler team and I’ll be first in line to get coding again (although I’m sure the actuality wouldn’t be as much fun as the memory)!

Outside of Objectivity, I really enjoy spending time with my family. I have 5 children who never cease to amaze me (in good and bad ways!!). I love gardening, the theatre, the cinema and getting lost in a good book.