Senior Quality Engineer

In the olden times, when I learned Turbo Pascal in my secondary school, I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to become a physicist or a programmer. And because I always sucked at physics I decided to study it. However, the reality forced me to verify my plans. When studying the quantum entanglement I worked at the same time as a tester at the Wrocław Division of Siemens Mobile. I did that because I was curious. Very soon I came to the conclusion that I would never want to work in a position like this again. Therefore, sometime later, motivated by “scientific career opportunities (or actually lack thereof)”, I, again, became a tester, only this time at the new, Polish offices of Opera Software ASA.

For 5 years I followed the philosophy that I learned from the dean of my faculty: “A good physicist is a lazy physicist”. I was so lazy that I made my computer perform all tasks that were too repetitive and therefore boring to me. I was then told that this is called “Test Automation”. Sometime later I joined Objectivity, and on day one I decided to “unlazy” myself, which I continue doing until today, generating 500 per cent in daily output 😉

Oh, I almost forgot. To relax, I jump out of flying aeroplanes…