Senior Software Developer

I started my IT career in late 2007 while I was still studying. I joined Objectivity in May 2012. I have worked as a developer since I first started my career. I’m mainly interested in the Microsoft technologies, although to me they’re mostly tools for achieving goals. What I appreciate the most about my job is the opportunity to work with interesting people and continually develop.

On a private note, I must say I’m a seasonal autumn and winter bookworm. I usually look for classics, and lately also classic fantasy (Dick, Asimov, Clarke, etc.). I won’t say ‘no’ to a good movie either. In summer, I like to put on my boots, grab my rucksack, and go to the mountains. To relax after work, I often put on my boxing gloves and train (so far I’ve managed to avoid a closer contact with a punching bag).