Team Leader Senior Software Developer

In 2005 I graduated from the Śląski Technical University, faculty of Computer Science. I was interested in IT in general, but I found builtin systems especially appealing. After my graduation I moved to Wrocław, where I joined Siemens Mobile. As an application developer for the UMTS platform, I developed applications and software supporting tools. Siemens Mobile taught me the Germanstyle reliability, precision, scrupulousness, and orderliness. The next step in my career was Tieto, where as a senior developer I cooperated directly with mobile phone suppliers from Scandinavia. I became fascinated with Android, which back then was still a baby, and I’ve forever remained faithful to it. Working for Tieto, I learned something very important to seek simple solutions to difficult problems. My Finnish friend used to say: ‘Keep it short and simple’.

My experience has allowed me to see the code I develop from different perspectives. I often place myself in a position of a demanding, a bit nagging, user who seeks intuitive, safe, and efficient solutions. What motivates me to work even harder is that I don’t want to be ashamed of the code I’m creating. I like sharing my knowledge with others and almost always this works both ways.

Now, I’m the leader of the mobile team and have the chance to work amongst people who are passionate about their job. I’m responsible for developing Android applications, which fits my personal interests perfectly.