Quality Guild Master/Head of Quality

I’ve been with Objectivity since 2012. As a member of Project Management Office, I was responsible for the process elements related to project management and ensuring that they comply with standards.The promotion I received for the position of Quality Guild Master, allowed me to expand the scope of actions to the entire company. At work, I advise and  watch things closely at the same time helping Objectivity to seek and implement the best solutions for our clients. A job like this requires continuous development of my skill and of the whole Objectivity team. In addition to that, I get the chance to work with experts who are also my teachers. These are the reasons why I like my job so much.

Other than that, I focus on what matters to me the most, and that is my family. I love spending time with my loved ones. Each moment with them helps me stay positive, smile and understand what really matters in life.

When I want to relax and recharge my batteries, I go to the seaside. Maybe because I am an Aquarius.

Sport is my passion, especially three disciplines: running, biking and swimming (in this particular order!). So if you happen to walk or bike in the morning or evening near Malice in Wroclaw, it is very likely to meet me there. So, see you on the track or maybe… See you at Objectivity!