Accounting Assistant

I joined Objectivity in April 2012. Initially, I worked in project manager support, where I had the opportunity to know the business side of our company and see how each task brings tangible financial results. My job involved preparing reports, statements, and schedules – so little and so much at the same time. From January 2013 I am working in payroll, and I feel I have found a career matching my professional development plans.

In 2005, soon after I graduated from the faculty of Public Administration at the Wrocław University, I decided to go abroad. I ended up in Edinburgh, where I worked for Her Majesty at the Inland Revenue & Customs, where I learned about tax laws and regulations relating to employment.

While in Scotland I met people from different cultures and different parts of the world. I visited amazing places, experienced the changeable Scottish weather and enjoyed sales shopping!

On my CV there are companies such as Ericsson and ACN, where I was responsible for administration.

I spend my time-off mainly with my daughter and my husband. I am a fan of active leisure, so I usually cycle and hike in my free time. I’m also interested in interior design. On winter evenings I usually read books and relax over a glass of Bordeaux – in particular 2006.