Communication Guild Master/Head of Communication

I joined the IT sector in 2007 and I may happily say that the world of IT is my place on the Earth. Although, I am still not sure how to write a code 🙂

My career in Objectivity started at the position an Office Administrator but when in 2011 it became obvious that we may no longer cope without a HR team, I advanced to become an HR Specialist. I spent two years, very productive and challenging at that, in the HR Team. However, the end of 2013 brought new challenges proving that I will be much more useful in the communication team, so I took on new responsibilities quick as a wink and became the Communication Guild Master.

At present, together with my team we focus on employer branding, internal communication, external communication and PR. We continue to seek better ways to put forward the atmosphere and values of our company. We create tools allowing our customers and applicants to look inside Objectivity and see who we are, what we do and what rules we follow in our everyday work. We are responsible for information sharing and for the work environment that makes our employees happy to come to work every day.

At work, I am all the time surrounded by people, always on the move, discussing things, organizing events, conferences or meetings, so after work I take breather listening to music, reading books, doing yoga and cycling. I developed the utmost passion for books. They give me a chance to visit most incredible places, meet people impossible to meet in the real world and listen to the stories inaccessible otherwise.

Of course, it would be a lie if I told you that after work I am not surrounded by people – honestly, my strength and my greatest joy arise from friendship, relationships and relations… and all those endless conversations…