Senior Software Developer

I’m a member of Objectivity’s Development Team. I graduated from the Wrocław Technical University. I studied Computer Science because it was an interesting challenge and a chance for me to get into the world of IT and know its ins and outs. Just after the first semester, I already knew I had made a good choice.:)

I decided to become a programmer, because I think it’s the most interesting, satisfying, and creative area of IT. I love new challenges, continuous selfdevelopment, and learning new technologies.

But, you know what they say, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”.:) Therefore, after a day spent in front of a computer, I liven myself up by spending at least some of my spare time actively. And I do that in many different ways. I practice yoga regularly to “fix” my body, and when I want to get tired and have fun at the same time, I go to Zumba classes. I also take up seasonal sport, like skiing or scuba diving. Whatever time I have left I spend with my friends or relaxing at home watching a good movie.

I also love travelling, seeing new places, discovering new tastes. I have a long checklist of places to visit and I’m hoping to see them all 🙂