Onsite Coordinator

I am responsible for the delivery of software development projects that we run for one of Europe’s largest fashion retailers. In this role, I’m focused on finding the right balance between what our customer wants, what the team can do, within the agreed budget, and with the required level of quality, all while maintaining a positive atmosphere within my team and with the customer.

In December 2011, I joined Objectivity, and what I liked from day one was how Objectivity manages to find a good balance between fun and work. I’m happy to be surrounded by a large group of professionals, especially that every day I learn something new.

I love spending my time-off with my wife, two kids (4 and 2), and my gadgets. I absolutely love putting my daughter to bed, because it gives me the rare opportunity to read her fairy tales on my tablet or Kindle. Sometimes she falls asleep before I finish a chapter, thus denying me the excuse to play with my gadgets. I also spend a lot of my time improving our house, which seems never to end. Mowing the lawn, painting the bathroom, installing LED lights everywhere around the house, renovating our wooden stairs is my typical housework and a classic example of transforming necessity into a hobby. And when I still have some time, I like to play “campfire-level” guitar or the piano and sing, trying not to wake up the neighbours.