Development Guild Master

Deep down in my heart, I am still a developer; however, now as a technical architect I’m fully committed to the entire software development process with its bright and dark sides:). I do my best to support our PM and development teams using my experience and technical skills. This gives me more and more fun each day, and is a source of my professional and personal satisfaction.

It all started quite innocently, when after graduating as MSc in Computer Science, I decided to give up my scientific ambitions (I’m the coauthor of the article about an information extraction system) and redirected into a commercial career path. As a former Siemens, ITDev and Microsoft employee, I’ve gained great experience in delivering software for the midand enterprise market, using a wide range of Microsoft technologies and frameworks. I became a Microsoft Certified Professional Developer who specializes in portal and collaboration solutions, especially on the SharePoint Server platform. Actually, I focus mostly on the design and integration aspects of the systems within enterprise domain; however, I’m also trying to embrace the new trends and the (r)evolution in the modern world of web applications.

In my spare time I love to observe the world from the saddle of my bike. My last, but unrequited love is the canoe. Why not conquer the world? I like to watch a good movie, read good politicalfiction or Scandinavian crime stories.