Senior Software Developer

Leaving the conference room, where my interview had just finished, I thought to myself: “Hmm, it would be so great to work together with those guys”. It was September 2012. Now here I am, working as BI Software Developer in a team of brilliant, intelligent, enthusiastic and openminded people.

Using my skills and knowledge to deliver valuable results makes me feel truly satisfied. At Objectivity I know that my experience is leveraged in a good way and I also know that the experience of my teammates is here for me to rely on.

Outside of Objectivity, I love riding my motorcycle. I’m not just keen on speed and the feeling of freedom limited only by the tank capacity and the distance to the nearest petrol station, but also I enjoy the hours spent in garage, with grease on my hands, making all the systems work together, generating the perfect sound of a motorcycle in action. When the days get shorter, I know that the time to put my bike aside for longer is coming. When this happens, I start looking forward to the first snowfall and the moment when I go there to cut the curves in the snow.