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Nearshore Outsourcing

Objectivity has a purpose built software development centre based in Wroclaw, an established university city in the south west of Poland. All of our Polish staff speak fluent English combined with close cultural similarities and a strong work ethic. A short two hour flight and a one hour time difference with the UK make it easily accessible as many of our customers have seen. It is also a convenient location for clients based throughout western Europe and you are welcome to visit us at any time.

Our IT outsourcing model provides a unique blend of UK account management and nearshore software delivery. This combination delivers quality services and great value for money that results in long lasting relationships with our clients.

We will supply you with a dedicated team of appropriate IT professionals using an engagement plan that caters specifically for your needs. We do this by delivering high quality people at very competitive rates. We use only named individuals to preserve knowledge retention and maximise your return on investment at all times. You may choose from project managers, technical architects, business analysts, software engineers or testers depending on your particular needs.

Your team can vary in size from 2 people to 20 or more. We will build an appropriate level of flexibility that you can apply based on how busy you are. In this way, we protect your investment whilst minimising your costs. Regular reviews, against mutually agreed objectives, ensure that you continue to receive a high quality service. We are happy to place people on-site with you or to deliver from our nearshore software development centre.

Our agile and structured approach to bespoke software delivery is backed by Microsoft Gold Partner status and a stamp of approval in the form of ISO 9001 certification. We can supply a full range of skills across a broad spectrum of technologies.

High visibility and certainty are extremely important to us. We have point to point video conferencing equipment between the UK and Poland to improve collaboration. A project assurance programme gives you ‘at a glance’ information on a regular basis.

We realise that each of our customers has different needs and priorities. With help from our UK based account managers and consultants we will provide IT outsourcing and experience that guarantees a win-win outcome for both parties.

Bespoke Software

Why Bespoke software development?

There are times when you need a software solution that provides a unique set of benefits. A bespoke software (system) is specifically designed to address your particular requirements. It can help you to maintain a competitive advantage whilst minimising the need for significant business compromise. Something that is often required by the majority of packaged systems.

Why Objectivity?

Objectivity has a long history of successfully delivering bespoke software projects. We can create dedicated teams to design, build and support dedicated IT solutions that address your core business problems. Using the right blend of creativity and structure, we will tailor an engagement model that satisfies your needs.

Our aim is to deliver the best possible value for money. Many of our clients have been with us since our inception in 1991 and will be happy tell you why. You can also check out our case studies to see the kind of services that we deliver. Everything we produce is fully owned by you and will not be shared with anyone else unless you wish to do so. We have no interest in IPR or software licensing.

Our approach

We create an integrated software development environment for each project. There is a formal release procedure that is the same for both internal and external deliveries. Coding standards are checked and unit tests are executed automatically as part of each build process.

Our people will listen hard, contribute effectively and not be afraid to challenge you when we feel there might be a better way of doing things. Difficult problems require creative solutions; please get in touch to see how we can help you solve yours.

Government IT Outsourcing

Objectivity is an approved supplier of Specialist Cloud Services on the UK’s G-Cloud 7 Digital Marketplace for public sector organisations – a Digital Marketplace that public sector organisations use to find and compare cloud-based services.

Being included in the Digital Marketplace will provide UK public sector organisations with swift and easy access to Objectivity’s Agile IT development and excellent customer service.

This move comes as the UK Central Government supports more opportunities for public sector organisations to reap the benefit of working in a more cost-efficient manner during the procurement process.

To be included on the G-Cloud 7 Specialist Cloud Services list we have had to undergo a rigorous assessment to ensure that our services meet the standards agreed with the UK government following a formal Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) procurement process.

As a result, UK public sector organisations can be confident that Objectivity provides the highest standards of IT support and software development.

Objectivity will provide 16 Specialist Cloud Services via the G-Cloud 7 Digital Marketplace Framework as we extend existing resources and knowledge.

To find out more, please call Kevin Cavanagh – Public Sector Manager,
mobile: +44 (0)7791 328417 or use a company email

Support & Maintenance