Developers Manifesto

It’s been several months now since we’ve introduced Guilds & Tribes – our approach to grow as an organisation without changing our culture.

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Written by Objectivity
How to grow as an organisation?

Asking the right questions

The transformation from ‘development department’ to ‘Developers Guild’ was the incentive we needed to reconsider a couple of things and to ask some fundamental questions. The most obvious and challenging question was: What is the role of our guild? As we all are natural-born engineers, instead of answering this directly we’ve broken it into smaller pieces: Why are we developers? Why do we work for Objectivity? What drives us? And, most importantly, what skills and attitudes do we value in developers? (Divide and conquer algorithm is awesome, isn’t it?). We ended up with a lot of answers. All of them differed a little bit from each other but main idea behind them was quite the same. We decided to put it in form of Manifesto.

(You can read more about this idea of growing as an organisation without changing our culture here. It’s also worth looking at Spotify engineering culture for more information).

Asking the right questions