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Here's how we've helped some of our clients over the last few years.Piotr Szatkowski
Operations Director
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PGL Document Dispatch

PGL is the UK’s leading provider of school trips and educational tours – offering outdoor adventure courses, subject specific courses, overseas tours and ski trips. PGL also operate summer camps, children’s adventure holidays and family activity holidays in the UK and Europe.

The challenge

PGL has an application called The Reservation System that helps to manage all aspects of their services. When making travel bookings, customers receive document packs that provide information on all aspects of their holiday. These packs take a considerable time to put together and this time increasing as the business grows. PGL wanted a system that could automatically create these document packs and distribute them via fax or email. The system also needs to create physical copies where necessary by sending documentation to a predetermined printer.

Our actions

Objectivity created a component based system to manage the creation of document packs. This system generates a set of formatted HTML and stores it in the Reservation System’s database. A listener service continually monitors the database and sends these packs to the appropriate endpoint (printer, fax machine or email application) for distribution. A message broking service makes sure data is secure and keeps a full history of all distribution.

The results

The automated distribution of documents significantly reduces manual processing and delivers up to date information quicker than ever. Document Dispatch integrates seamlessly with other PGL systems. Changes to data can automatically trigger client updates. This means parents, teachers and all other trip organisers always have the information they need at their disposal.

Key achievements

  • Fully automated document pack distribution
  • Reduced manual effort
  • Built in acknowledgement and resend capability
  • Better, and more timely, customer service

Core Technologies

  • Microsoft C#
  • ASP.Net
  • HTML & JavaScript
  • SQL Server
  • MSMQ
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