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Susanta GhoshPiotr Szatkowski
We try to do the right things right.Susanta Ghosh
Client Services Director
Here's how we've helped some of our clients over the last few years.Piotr Szatkowski
Managing Director
Great work supported by great people.

Case studies

DHL Global Mail BMS

DHL Global Mail BMSRead more »

DHL Global Mail Extranet

DHL Global Mail ExtranetRead more »

Hospira Ascura System

Hospira Ascura SystemRead more »

IFDL/ASCENTRIC Dealing Project

IFDL/ASCENTRIC Dealing ProjectRead more »

IFDL/ASCENTRIC Front Office Refresh Project

IFDL/ASCENTRIC Front Office Refresh ProjectRead more »

IFDL/ASCENTRIC Investor Direct Project

IFDL/ASCENTRIC Investor Direct ProjectRead more »

IMMOBILIENSCOUT24 Rental Reference Service

IMMOBILIENSCOUT24 Rental Reference ServiceRead more »

IPC Media Corporate Intranet

IPC Media Corporate IntranetRead more »

ITH Pharma Online Ordering

ITH Pharma Online OrderingRead more »

Jessops Chip & Pin Payment Gateway System

Jessops Chip & Pin Payment Gateway SystemRead more »

Microsoft for Energy Sector

Microsoft for Energy SectorRead more »

PGL Document Dispatch

PGL Document DispatchRead more »

PGL Event Automation

PGL Event AutomationRead more »

PGL Reservation System

PGL Reservation SystemRead more »

Polpharma S.A.

Polpharma S.A.Read more »

Primark ER Data Warehouse

Primark ER Data WarehouseRead more »

Solaglas System Integration

Solaglas System IntegrationRead more »