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Marta Kacprzak
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Will the future be decoded?

What is it: Microsoft Future Decoded 2016

Where and when: 1-2nd November 2016

At the beginning of November, we took part in Microsoft Future Decoded event in London. The conference was attended by about 15000 delegates from all over the world for over two days. This year’s event was centred around Digital Transformation and features keynotes and break-out sessions aimed at helping delegates to inspire, design and build the Digital Business.

Conversational apps, robotic processes automation and Internet Of Everything are just 3 out many concepts of the digital transformation that were developed during the conference. Our Objectivity delegates also were there, presenting our expertise with the example of our IoT and SkypeBot business cases.

Having a stand on this event, we had an opportunity to show to many people the effects of our work, meet the expectations of our potential clients and show Objectivity’s way of working.

Our innovation team built and showed two technology demonstrators that clearly impressed the conference guests interacting with them. We successfully showed our capability in the core and emerging Microsoft technologies.

The visual design team brought Scales bot to life, designing business cards for him that made recipients smile, and producing a seven foot rollup of scales that caught the attention of pretty much everyone that walked past.

Our on-stand team did a great job of bringing people in to experience our technological marvels, and of explaining how the tech and approach we used to build our demonstrators can be applied to challenges within their own organisations.

It’s extremely important to admit that the conference gave us an opportunity to extend our knowledge – we learned a lot about the digital trends and collected lots of new business experience.

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