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Marta Kacprzak
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Do you know what IoT is?

What is it? IoT Poland Conference

Where and when? Poznan, 23rd September

Do you know what IoT is? Maybe it sounds like another strange acronym—something a little unfamiliar and probably impossible to understand. Well, don’t worry if you don’t know what IoT is right now… but prepare yourself to hear a lot more about it sooner than you think!

The Internet of Things is sweeping the world and is coming to a gadget near you. What makes me so sure? I attended the second edition of the IoT Conference and found out about the capabilities the Internet of Things brings to small and large companies, and even to individuals.

The presentation I participated was held in Poznań on 23rd September 2016. Two of our most cutting edge tech types – Michał Puterman and Andrzej Kowal – gave an inspiring speech about how IoT will influence the way we create and use technologies. Their talk was a fascinating meander through the modern world, which also explored some of the more philosophical aspects of living in today’s world full of new technologies.

The smart part of the talk from Michał and Andrzej was that they stepped away from this world of exponential technological expansion and used a mainstay of the tech world to tell their story… the humble office printer.

Long before our company began offering IoT as a solution to our customers, it had already found a place in our working lives. We were able to hook up the printer to trackers in order to log performance and usage and then get the most out of the device. It was an everyday example that served as a simple proof of concept we could take to customers. The message is: “If we can get this much more performance out of just one printer using IoT, imagine what it could do for all your machines… or for the whole organization!”

Andrzej and Michał really hit home with their presentation. It convinced the audience that IoT is not just a trend that macro-business can take advantage of. IoT can be used in easy ways and can be a fascinating and powerful tool to support business of all sizes.