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Marta Kacprzak
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Our Testing Cup success story

What is it all about? The Polish Testing Cup 2016

Where and when? International Congress Centre in Katowice, 23-24 May, 2016

Such results are something to boast about! Objectivity made a lot of fuss at this year’s Testing Cup! Several of our colleagues went to Katowice and took on the challenge to test applications (individually and in teams) by entering the competition with rivals from other IT companies from all over Poland.  It was not easy, but no one had promised it would be easy. We played for a high stake and gained really high positions in the competition!

In the individual competition, we were represented by bravely fighting Kamila Mrozek, Krzysiek Jadczyk, Bartek Glubiak, Patryk Hemperek, Paweł Radecki and Przemek Radoń. As revealed by Testing Cup organizers, the 2nd position was taken by Kamila, 5th position by Krzysiek, 7th position by Bartek and 12th position by Patryk.

In the team competition, Ola Otremba, Michał Pindych and Jacek Biernacki took the 11th place among 103 teams! Well, well, well  🙂

So far, this has been the highest position of Objectivity at Testing Cup!

In Poland, if you want to test your IT mettle against the best, you need to take part in the Testing Cup. This annual event, run since 2013, is the national championship for testers—and only the very best take part. This year, the event was about testing changes. Thereby, the first version of the application “Automate Magic Test” was provided before the competition together with the specification for testing. During the competition, we received a very practical task: a new version of the application and the specification that included the information about fixed bugs, recognised and unrepairable errors, new functionalities and application elements that had to be checked out regressively. The competitors had 2 hours to do all the tasks. The whole thing was crowned with a testing report, which was supposed to be prepared in the next hour.

Unofficially, it was rumoured that it was the hardest edition of all held so far.

There was the Force! Ladies and Gentlemen, we have great and talented testers at Objectivity!