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Marta Kacprzak
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The sky is the limit! WROC# conference is coming!

What it is: Objectivity’ second dedicated .NET conference

Where and when: Wroclaw Stadium, 10th March 2016

They say the first time is a charm. Getting something just as right second time around is supposed to be the hard part. We want to disprove this myth when we run the second edition of our WROC# conference dedicated to .NET programming fans.

This year we will be welcoming 400 guests to Wroclaw City Stadium to listen to lectures from six world-renowned IT gurus. Last year was a celebration and will be hard to beat, but we are sure that what we have lined up for the 2016 edition is going to top even the inaugural outing of WROC#. The sky is the limit!

Wroclaw is already the 2016 European Capital of Culture; we want to also make it the European, world, and interplanetary capital of .NET brilliance–that is why March will see the visits of our half-dozen speakers from from around the world. These people will include Chris Klug (a star appearing at WROC# for the second time!), Mark Rendle (the great absentee from the last edition) and Julie Lerman (who will cross the Atlantic to wow our Polish audience).

WROC# is a unique event where the crème de la crème of professionals from all over the world can meet up, share knowledge and experiences and hear some great talks on subjects like: HTML5, ASP.NET vNExt and Microservices.

Registration for the conference is now closed. Unbelievably, the 400 spots were snapped up in mere seconds! If you don’t believe us, we probably have an analyst somewhere who can show you some mind-blowing data feed to prove the point 😉 Don’t worry, we found it hard to believe to. We had expected the second edition to be a hot ticket but we didn’t realise they would sell out faster than when Queen visited the same stadium (albeit with a lot more tickets to shift!).

The final countdown is on, the conference is now less than a month away, and the final preparations in our offices are in full swing. Now we get to work on all the small details. WROC# got off to a great start last year because of a combination of good organization and great presentations. It was so good that improving will be a challenge. But we are constantly working on those little things that will make a big difference because, in the end, the devil is in the details.

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