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Marta Kacprzak
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Want to be safe!

What is it? ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certificate

When and where? 25th January, 2016 in our software house in Wrocław

Did you know that according to Skyhigh report data almost 80% of CIOs are not aware of the most recent changes to data protection laws in the EU which were implemented in 2015? In an era of data expansion, this means that a great number of companies aren’t treating client and customer data with the safe hands it needs. At Objectivity we always set ourselves the goal of being in the 20% who do things the right way, and even the target of being in the 1% who do it exactly right all of the time.

We take the safety of our data and our people seriously, which is why a team of 26 people in the company have spent the last year completing over 150 tasks to help getting the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certificate. That may just be a string of numbers and letters to some, but in the IT industry it’s the standard for data security and confirmation that security is not just a priority for us but an integral part of our organizational culture. This is approach that we take not only towards our own data but also that of our clients.

Customers who have worked with us over the years know that we are secure and reliable; this certificate now helps us to show new and potential clients what those already cooperating with us already know—Objectivity may be a company with a fun and carefree image at times but, when it comes to our work, we’re absolutely focused on doing things the right way.

The “right way” is something of a catch-all term, I know. In the context of what the auditors were looking for when it came to the certification, it means, among other things: we comply with  adequate security measures relevant to our business, we have proven experience in effectively dealing with security cases, we’re proactive when acting with important areas (e.g. IT and physical ones).

The numbers are surprising; even with the boom in tech companies and so many suppliers being trusted with sensitive data, not all within the IT industry are as focused on compliance. According to ISO Survey 2014 performed by International Organization for Standardization only 310 companies from all industries hold the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certificate in Poland, and less than 5000 IT companies worldwide have made the grade.

Now that we have joined that elite group, we are not kicking back and relaxing; the task is still to be in the top one percent and stay there. That is why we also hold the ISO 9001:2008 stamp, which confirms our efforts in the area of quality management. We also possess the Cyber Essentials Certificate. What is that? Cyber Essentials aims to help organizations implement basic levels of protection against cyber attack, demonstrating to our customers that we take cyber security seriously.

We are not a company wrapped up in documentation and more interested in certificates than client endorsements. However, some certificates are so vital to the way the world is going, we just have to put our best foot forward and get out there and chase the paperwork. These are not the meaningless diplomas you hang on the wall to fill space, these are the validations from high above that say to clients “You can trust us; don’t just take our word for it, take the word of some very serious people who have looked into every single corner of our company and found that nothing is left to chance”.