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Marta Kacprzak
We speak our mind and we listen to each other. Open communication, sharing information and mutual feedback give us the strength to develop.Marta Kacprzak
Communication Guild Master/Head of Communication
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What is it? Agile Addicted and BAM (Business Analysts Meetup)

When? At every beginning of each month in the city centre

If you know a little about us already, you will know that we’re sharers. They say that a problem shared is a problem halved; our approach is that knowledge shared is also knowledge doubled. And we aim to keep propagating what we know; we want our world-class specialists to keep improving, because a truly wise man is the one who knows he still has many things to learn. We have always tried to create an atmosphere in which people crave knowledge and always have access to new ideas, skills and opinions.

This may seem like a standard, but we like to think that we take our knowledge sharing a step further. We are not protective of what we know and have always felt that spreading knowledge, even outside of our organisation, is the way to improve the skills of people across the board. And this can only be a good thing. With this in mind, we created a community called Agile Addicted (and, believe me, we are absolutely addicted to it!), through which we can get out and let others know what we know.

For over a year now, we have been meeting up in the city centre for talks, workshops, and Q&As. The form may differ but the idea is always the same—to hear different people share their experience and knowledge on Agile methodologies.

Agile Addicted has been such a big hit that the idea is catching on in other areas. Next off the launch pad was BAM, a conveniently cool acronym for a Business Analysts Meetup!

One could be forgiven for thinking that such events are an endless celebration of successes. That’s not the case; the beauty of both AA and BAM are that we hear about and learn from both successes and failures. We find out what worked and what went wrong—and we all come out of the experience a little wiser and more ready to succeed next time around. That is the essence of sharing. We want people to come, ask questions and get involved. We drag ourselves forward, all striving for progress not perfection, and are always ready to learn.

Find out more and join us for a fun, informal meetup next time around: