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Marta Kacprzak
We speak our mind and we listen to each other. Open communication, sharing information and mutual feedback give us the strength to develop.Marta Kacprzak
Communication Guild Master/Head of Communication
Great work supported by great people.

Ready. Aim. Hire!

What is it all about? It’s the way we care about our candidates.

Where and when? All the time at Objectivity!

We know that we hammer home the point that we take care of our employees and try to bring more than a little happiness and fulfillment to their work at Objectivity. What we might not have mentioned before is that this process begins before people even start working for us. That means that we treat potential employees, during the recruitment process, just the way we do our existing team. We really think that the time we devote to people matters and that it influences their decision as to whether they work for us or not.

What matters to people also matters to us. We devote a lot of our time during the interview process to finding out about who we are really speaking to. We all know that an interview can be a little artificial at times: stock questions, prepared answers and the obligatory curveball question like “Which animal represents you best?” are all part of the game with many companies. Our aim is to find out who we’re really speaking to. If you’re going to spend 40 hours a week with someone, you want to know the person beyond the typical interview façade. So we want to know what drives our candidates: what are they passionate about and what gets under their skin; how do they want to work and what makes them really tick in the office instead of cruising along in third gear.

We think that this honesty is a two-way street that can elevate the experience of working together to something above the usual. With this in mind, we pretty much lay ourselves bare to the candidate regarding our business, our practices and our people. Armed with such useful information as that, anyone joining the company is already pretty clued up. However, we like to keep giving when people join, so everyone receives a welcome pack on their first day with the firm. The welcome pack includes a company T-shirt, a welcome letter, a handbook and a copy of StrenghthsFinder. If you don’t know what that is, it’s a very cool little book for professionals that helps you learn more about your natural talents. The welcome pack may be a symbolic gift, but for us it is a small but important element of letting people know that they can be confident and at ease with us from day one.

The first days in any company can be tough. You sometimes get thrown into an office, shown where the kitchen is and told to amuse yourself setting up the computer while your new team is manically running around sorting out an issue you cannot help with as a newbie. As always, we try to do it differently.

The 3-day induction at Objectivity is really about making people feel comfortable and nothing more. The HR department fills new starters with information about daily life in the company, development opportunities and corporate anecdotes. There are tours of the building and a chance to get to know (and maybe even examine) the rest of the staff—all just to show that we really care about our new colleagues! It’s about playing the long game; more time invested in the start will give more back later.

Objectivity is a place where OK isn’t good enough. OK is a word that is so indifferent. Because you spend a third of your time at work, we want things to be at the very least very, very good. That’s why we put so much effort into those first moments after you get your foot in the door. We want you to feel like we treat you seriously and that you matter. Of course, we understand that in a world of corporations making hollow promises, people have become skeptical about such words. What can we do to convince you that we really mean what we say? Why not come along and see for yourself?