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Poland as a desired destination for SSC and BPO nearshore investments

The following is based on some articles from news2biz bi-weekly business report. Full text available here.

Poland’s emerging market situation shows a constant growth in the number and value of foreign investments’ . It’s remarkable that a country with a population of about 38 million, located in central Europe attracts each year more and more knowledge-based services from around the world.

What makes Poland so attractive to foreign investors?

In response to criteria for selecting BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) and SSC (Shared Services Centres) locations by European investors Poland seems to be a perfect place with its availability of qualified staff and lower salary levels.

Undeniably Poland’s biggest advantage is related to qualified staff potential. Each year several world-class universities provide thousands of graduates who are highly qualified and multilingual. As a perfect match with the needs of BPO and ITO (Information Technology Outsourcing), Poland has many well qualified and motivated people who would add value to any industry. Poland is also considered as a perfect destination regarding cultural alignment to its European clients.

Technical skills are still an incredibly strong asset of Polish staff, which along with relative low wages and low risk make this an ideal Nearshore location. Also, the cultural similarities and European Union membership place Poland as a strong competitor against offshore asian companies.

As the rewards of choosing Poland clearly sound encouraging, the risk associated with loss of control always needs to be considered, irrespective of the location. However, this risk is reduced due to the close geographic location, no language barriers and the presence of many blue chip companies already familiar with the market including IBM, Google & Motorola.

As shown by recent financial metrics, the Polish outsourcing sector is doing well, continually serving the global market. Poland will certainly continue being a preferred location to set up Shared Services Centres by companies from around the world. While the experts predict that by the 2013 employment in outsourcing centres will increase from the current 80,000 to 100,000 at the same time they expect that the fastest growing segments will be ITO and KPO (Knowledge Process Outsourcing)1.

Anna Kościelna
Steve McNulty

1. News2biz Poland no 473 (12 March 2012), 16